Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday Lifting/Bodyweight Training (1 hour)

Did all the stuff, including yoga, abs, and rolls.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday Trail Running (45 minutes)

Plus 15 minutes or so of walking for warm up/cool down. Mud mud mud. Started out on the #4, but it was too muddy so tried out the #5 and it was better. Did 3 loops on the #5 (shorter trail).

Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Lifting/Bodyweight Training (50 minutes)

Skipped rolls and abs. Shark Week sucking the life out of me.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday Trail Running/Walking (45 minutes)

30 minutes running, 15 minutes walking. 

Plus, an hour of grocery shopping.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday Wrestling Class/MA Class (3 hours)

Wrestling class worked alone with DH the tues night teacher - worked on inside trip from over under, inside trip from head lock, inside trip from no arm touching at all. Also worked on stance, footwork, pummeling, lead leg, rear arm work. MA class- worked on knee on belly to arm/wrist locks, knee on belly to step over to saddle and knee bar. Knee on belly to toe hold. Rolled with DW, NM sr, and NM jr. Not feeling well so did not roll that long or that hard.

Monday, May 14, 2018