Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday Chainsaw Workout 2 hours Thursday Exercise Bike mixed with Speed Cleaning 1 Hour

I was able to stay on the exercise bike for longer by hopping off for 3-5 minutes (three times) to do some serious speed cleaning. I don't think I have ever cleaned that fast, but it still gave me enough of a break from the bike to re-energize and bike some more!

I thought last night would be the last "chainsaw workout" but I only got halfway through phase two of my landscaping project. The chain came off both chainsaws, and it got dark so I could not finish. Gah! I got both chains back on, but it's going to rain for almost two weeks straight, so I will have to wait until the big wood things I am cutting dry out! GAH AGAIN!


I just got off of the trainer (bike thing). I did 35 minutes non-stop. Average speed 16.5.
My diet is going okay. I keep doing really well through-out the day, but by evening I am really hungry. My will has been crumbling after I put my kids to bed, so I go overboard. Even so, I'm still eating less than I used to. I'm thinking that I actually need more calories than I'm allowing myself. I'm keeping my goal the same, to keep me on track. But, I'm going to allow myself an extra 100 calories anyway. It's kind of like telling myself that I need to be somewhere 15 minutes early in hopes that I might actually make it there on time. It's been a week, and with all of the normal fluctuations taken out of equation, I can safely say that I've lost 1/2 a pound. Hey, that's something. I'm only looking for 5-10 anyway.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Week(s) in review

Last Thursday I taught the Kajukenbo class as my instructor could not make it. (1 hour-ish)

Saturday I walked 30+10 minutes to the store. (The "+" was time spent in the store and then a 10 minute walk home.) I had my cane so I twirled sometimes.

Today I did 16 minutes of ground and pound on the kicking shield, then some stick work, plus stretching, always stretching.

Trying to schedule my black belt test for 5/9.

The stick work looks vaguely like this w/o the other person.

Tuesday Running/Walking 35 minutes

Running Report- I ran a little over a mile in 10 minutes, and then walked the other mile and a half or so. Good speed, but I obviously could not keep it up.

I also did 3 hours of intense landscaping work with the "big shovel". Hopefully, I can finish my heavy duty landscaping all this week and then go back to the more happy go lucky kind of gardening. Heavy duty meaning the kind that requires hours of "big shovel" work and/or a chainsaw!

Monday diet and Tuesday's Workout

1815 calories for Monday. I was starving all day Friday, and I just gave in and ate at will. I decided to take the weekend off and not count. That does not mean that I pigged out, I didn't. I just didn't count. I think I will always take weekends off this way.

Tuesday, I got up early and did a speed workout. I did 4 - 1/2 mile bursts at 85-90%, and then 2 - 1/4 miles bursts at 100% (of what was left). I'm hoping that I might get to go on the Tuesday night ride tonight. We'll see.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Yoga 1 Hour

I also did about one hour of gardening. I'm so sore from the chainsaw workout on Saturday, but Yoga felt good with all the stretching and pulling out the tension.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Walking 1 Hour Saturday Chainsaw Workout 3 hours

Plus, three hours of gardening on Friday.

Also, I used the big gas powered chainsaw for those three hours instead of the electric "girl size" chainsaw.

Another Walk

We watched some friends of ours' three kids, bringing our kid total up to five. We did the only logical thing on a nice day with that many children to keep track of; we went to the park. We walked there, because we don't have a car that holds five children and two adults, and we did not take into account how blazin' hot it was out there today. By the time we got there, everyone was ready to die, and we only stayed about ten minutes. Then we had to walk home, and seriously, if we thought we were ready to die when we got to the park, we did not know the true meaning of suffering, but we did when we finally dragged our weary carcasses back inside the house in the blissful air conditioning. Note to self; next time, bring water.
Oh, and as for the flu, I'm doing just fine. I got a blessing Thursday night, and was much better Friday morning (I also went to bed at like seven pm) after 14 hours of sleep, and then a three hour nap, and another 12 hour sleep and this morning I'm all better!! Gotta love the power of the Priesthood!
The Almighty Liz


I ran with Todd and Trent. It was the first time this year that it was hot enough to bother me. I carried a water bottle with me, and sprayed my head every couple of minutes. That helped; the heat made me sluggish, but I didn't completely shut down this time. Todd was having problems with his calf injury that he's been fighting for a year or so now. So we went out 3.25 miles, meaning to run 6.5 miles, but we ended up running between 5.25-5.5 miles and walking the rest.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday's Diet My Theories About Hunger

I did good following the diet, mostly. Grand totals were 1822 calories, 83 protein, 26.5 fat. My goal was: 1800 cal., 90 ish protein, 60 or less fat. As you can see I did pretty well calorie-wise, close on my protein, and WELL below on fat - that just shows you the type of foods I am used to eating. The foods I normally eat, even before this diet were usually low in fat.

Here's the thing, I was much hungrier today than I was yesterday. My theories on why:

1) I didn't eat as many healthy foods today. I opted for the less nutritious, and sugary cereal and no egg for breakfast. Hence, I reached my calories with less actual food (and nutritional value). I also skipped my 1 1/2 cup of V8 with lunch. V8 is very filling, ditto the above. I remember in a nutrition class that I took in college, reading about a study where people ate the same calories, but some ate, well I forget what but it was healthy stuff, and the other group ate unhealthy stuff. They rated how hungry they felt. Basically it boiled down to this: healthy food fills you up much quicker than unhealthy food for the same amount of calories. Remember all of those Total commercials? The ones where they stack all of the bowls of cereal it would take to equal one bowl of Total? It's the same kind of thing. Think how many carrots you could eat to equal the calories of one scoop of ice cream. The amount of actual food is vastly different.

2) I didn't eat quite as much protein. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not, but it is interesting.

3) Am I so stinking hungry because it's my 3rd day on the diet, and it's finally wearing on me? I don't know. I didn't feel hungry at all yesterday. In fact, after eating my more nutritious meals, I was quite full. I was wondering if I had actually cut enough. "How could this be dieting if I feel so full?"

I think my first theory is probably the most true. Oh, and here's a link to a site where you can look up the nutritional value of just about anything. I find it useful. Okay, shutting up now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yep, I'm not liking my trainer today...

I felt horrible today... and that was totally exacerbated by the soreness that didn't kick in until late afternoon. I was packing up my desk at work (my department is moving to another building) and as I started to lift my arms... they decided they didn't want to work anymore!
But it was back to the gym for me again tonight... just cardio though.

Walking Yesterday, Flu Today

Well, I ended up jinxing myself, lol! I went for a 20 minute walk with my sister yesterday (we were in town because Jonni has a bad ear infection and a burst drum), and it felt awesome. I was feeling really good at that point, but by the time I got home that evening, I wasn't anymore. By bedtime, I was definitely feeling crummy, but I chalked it up to allergies. This morning I woke up with aches, chills, fever, sore throat, stuffy nose, ect ect ect. Thank goodness John stayed home to help out because I had a dentist's appointment! I still went (nothing but the best for MY teeth!), but I'm glad I didn't have to worry about feeding kids, and getting them dressed, and corralled at the dentist's, and blah. I just got to come home, put them in bed, and now, I'm going to follow suit.
The Almighty Liz
PS Welcome back Trisha! We missed you!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm back...

Been going to the gym pretty much every day... doing at least 30 minutes of cardio.
And today, I started strength training. I'm sure I will hate my trainer tomorrow, but I feel pretty good right now.

Diet Report for Wednesday

I decided to chop off a bit more. I can't see me burning that extra 250 daily with more exercise. I already do about as much as I can fit in. I do plan on starting some weight training, but I don't know how much that will do. Hence my new goals are: 1800 calories, 60 grams fat (or less), 90ish grams protein. Here's how I did today: 1820 calories, 35 grams fat, 104 grams protein. Yay for me! As I said, I just divided that into four part, three for meals, and the fourth part divided again for snacks. I wasn't hungry at all. I just tried to eat healthy stuff, and it wasn't too bad. Here are my current two favorite snacks: Honey Wheat Pretzel Braids, and Frozen Strawberry Bars. The pretzels are 2 grams of fat, 3 grams protein, and 120 calories per serving. The Strawberry Bars are made from strawberries, so that's good. They are fat free, and only 100 calories. Both taste so good that they don't seem like "diet food" at all.

Wednesday Swimming 1 hour Abs 10 minutes

Plus two hours of gardening. Wow, that gardening really slowed me down for the swimming! I felt like I was trying to breathe through mud towards the end and my arms were totally trashed. I'm determined to get back into my 10 minutes of abs! My back is already starting to show signs of wear from all this gardening, and I need to do the abs to prevent that.

Tuesday, Wednesday & My New Plan

I went for my first outdoor bike ride yesterday. Bruce and I rode with Team Godzilla on the Tuesday night ride. I would have to pick the windiest night of the freaking whole world for my debut ride. Oh well, it was a good time. Bruce's dad rode with us for a while also (he's also in Team Godzilla). Oh, here's a funny thing: a guy peed while riding his bike in front of me. (I don't think he realized I was behind him). We had just gotten past the part of the warm up part of the ride, where the group starts to break up and everyone goes at their own paces, and I notice this guy in front of me doing what I thought was pouring out his water bottle, as he's riding along. "That's odd. Why is he pouring out his water?" I thought.

Bruce pulled up along side of him and asked "What are you doing?" In this funny knowing voice.

"Oh, just lightening the load a bit." He said. That's when I figured it out. The guy had just pulled down just the top of his bike shorts and aimed it off to the side. Anyway, it was funny. I'm glad I didn't get close enough to get squirted by his "water bottle."

We rode 19 miles, straight into the wind. It felt like riding up-hill the whole way. It was tough. I think we averaged in the 15s mph. That doesn't really count though, I'm sure we would have been a lot faster without it.

Today I ran 5 miles pushing Justice and Clayton in the stroller. That was tough! Average speed 6.0 mph.

Okay, here's the plan: Timpani, and the whole protein thing has gotten me thinking about calories and fat, and how much I should consume. I've got about 10 lbs that I want to get rid of. (Since I'm 5'9", 10 lbs looks like a whole lot less than it would on say Liz). I've never in my life tried dieting, so I'm no expert, but I'm giving it a try. I've been googling around trying to figure out how many calories, fat and protein I should eat a day. Taking into account my gender, height, weight, activity level, and the fact that I'm breastfeeding, I think to maintain my current weight, I should eat around 2200 calories. Therefore, I'm subtracting 250, in attempt to lose weight. I'm allowing for 30 percent of my calories to be from fat. So, my goals are 1950 calories, 65 grams fat, and 90ish grams protein. I divided those figures by 4. Three of those sections are allowed for a meal; the fourth is divided again and spread out for snacks. I think if I follow that, and add some weight lifting, I should be doing good, and the weight should come off (hopefully). My earlier way of thinking (which I knew was flawed all along, but I just chose to ignore the fact), was to just look at the fat content. I tended to eat less than the 65 that I'm allowed (which is good), the problem is that I eat the crud out of low fat, but calorie high items. So, I ended up consuming too many calories. Everybody knows that if you eat too many calories, your body just turns them into fat. As for links, jeez I don't remember all of the places I've been to. Just google it. I took an average the info I found from many different sights. Here are just a couple that I found useful: about calories about protein and a calorie calculator. One place I read that the best way to cut calories was to burn 250 more a day, and to eat 250 fewer, therefore you are minus the recommended 500 for healthy weight loss. Okay, I'll shut up now. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Running/Walking 45 minutes

I ran a little over a mile and then I walked down some streets in search of Renae's hills that she always talks about. I found some, and I might try to run them when I run at Renae's again next Tuesday. I also might try to find the ones Renae said I missed ;)

I found protein today in pork & beans, peas, and whole wheat mac & cheese. Renae's right, protein is in unexpected places!

Food Yesterday: The Protein Run Down

Okay, so here's how my experiment went: I wrote down everything that went into my mouth all day long (almost, I had one bite of Justice's PBJ and didn't bother to count that). I did eat better yesterday than I normally do, but not drastically. All the things I ate were things that I normally eat, it's just that since I was writing them down, I tended to eat less of them. I think it was very good for me, so I'm doing it again today. In case you didn't catch yesterday's conversation, I was trying to see if I could get the recommended amount of protein without drastic measures. Here's how I did:

1 hard boiled egg: 6 grams protein, 5 grams fat, 70 calories

1 3/4 cup Oatmeal Squares Cereal: 10.5 grams protein, 4 grams fat, 368 calories

1 cup skim milk (yes, I actually measured it before I poured it over my cereal): 8 grams protein, 0 grams fat, 80 calories

1 medium banana: 1 gram protein, 0.5 gram fat, 100 calories

8 honey wheat pretzels: 2 grams protein, 1 gram fat, 110 calories

1 medium carrot: 1 gram protein, 0 grams fat, 30 calories

1 can tuna (packed in water, but drained of course), 22 grams protein, 2 grams fat, 100 calories

1 TBS Light Mayo: 0 grams protein, 5 grams fat, 50 calories

1 TBS Sweet Pickle Relish: 0 grams protein, 0 grams fat, 15 calories

1 1/2 cup V8 juice: 3 grams protein, 0 grams fat, 75 calories

16 Honey Wheat Pretzels: 4 grams protein, 2 grams fat, 220 calories

1 medium apple: 0 grams protein, 0 grams fat, 72 calories

2 Werthers Original Candies: 0 grams protein, 0 grams fat, 46 calories

Ham and Cheese Sandwich:
2 slices whole wheat bread: 4 grams protein, 1 gram fat, 140 calories

1 slice American Cheese: 3 grams protein, 6 grams fat, 70 calories

Ham: 10 grams protein, 2.5 grams fat, 80 calories

Butter: 0 grams protein, 7 grams fat, 60 calories

5 marshmallows: 0 grams protein, 0 grams fat, 113 calories

1 graham cracker: 1 gram protein, 0.5 grams fat, 55 calories

1 1/2 cup milk: 12 grams protein, 0 grams fat, 120 calories

1 stick of gum: 0 protein, 0 fat, 5 calories

Grand Totals: 87.5 grams protein (61 of them were complete proteins), 37.5 grams fat, 1979 calories

Conclusion: It wasn't that hard to get the RDA of protein for myself. I didn't eat anything that I don't eat on an at least semi-regular basis anyway. Since I was keeping track, I did tend to eat healthier than I normally would, with less snacking. But, all in all it wasn't a drastic change at all.

Figuring out how much protein I need, seems to be harder. The articles I've read vary widely. I think it just varies a lot depending on your size, your gender, your activity level. For me, I read ones that said 50 grams to 120 grams, and even one crazy one that said 270 (but I think that was intended for a male body builder.) Too much protein can be a problem too. Your body has a harder time breaking it up, so it can be hard on your kidneys. No, I'm no expert AT ALL. I'm not sure how much I need, but 80 FOR ME sounds like a good middling number.

Oh and BTW, those honey wheat pretzels are my new favorite snack. I love them way much!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Yoga 1 hour Walking 1 1/2 hours

I also did one hour of gardening.

I'm glad I decided to take the kids walking today because we had a different instructor for our yoga class tonight and I did not feel it was as much of a workout as when Dana teaches. I did feel better and well stretched after the class, but I hope Dana is back by next week!

Low Energy Day

Well, my work out was hard today!! For no apparent reason. Maybe I'm low on sleep. Anyway, I only did 11 minutes, at 12-12.5 mph for a total of 2.3 miles covered. And I was totally wiped afterward. I also went grocery shopping today, that might've had something to do with it too. Frustrating! But I'm still not sick, yay!
The Almighty Liz

A Conversation About Protein

Timpani posted a couple of posts back about protein. I had some questions that we both answered in the "comments" section. I think it's good information, so I'm copying and pasting the comments for all to read here:

Hmm, interesting. I probably, well, no probably about it, I should eat more protein. AND I should start lifting weights too. I'm hitting that age where we all put on weight because we are losing muscle, hence our metabolism goes downhill. Argh, another thing to do. The only thing I worry about is that a diet (not that I'm some sort of expert. Far from it, I eat terrible stuff, and I know it.) that includes so much protein sounds a bit like an Atkins type diet. Is it? I honestly want to know. The whole Atkins thing is just to totally opposite of what the Word of Wisdom tells us we should eat, plus ANY nutritional anything would tell you that the whole no carb, much fat Adkins thing is bad. I could be WAY off base, I don't know. Clue me in, if you don't mind.
April 19, 2009 6:21 PM
timpani76 said...
I'm not excluding other healthy stuff, I'm just doubling my protein intake.The reason why the Atkins diet was so bad was because you got NO bread, and only 3 servings of vegetables (no fruit). It also limited your dairy too.I'm not limiting fruits & vegetables (in fact I try to get 5-6 of those a day) plus I actually added a milk serving (up to three servings) because milk has so much protein. I also limit myself to 2-3 breads a day, but I think they are recommending that for everyone now.Yeah, the Atkins Diet is not healthy, against the word of wisdom because you are severely limiting your variety and definitely not "eating meat sparingly" and you feel like poo the whole time you are on it. I tried it for like a week a few years ago. Yuck!
April 20, 2009 6:06 AM
Renae said...
I read up on protein, how much you need, and where you get from a bit. So, to answer my own question: The amount of protein you need varies widely based on how big you are and how active you are. The protein calculator thing that I used said that I need around 80 grams per day. However, amino acids are the parts of the proteins that our bodies use to make proteins. There are different ones. Apparently animal based proteins (including dairy products) are where you get complete proteins -ones with all of the essential amino acids. There are also incomplete proteins -ones with some of the essential amino acids in these foods:

Grains: Barley, Corn Meal, Oats, Rice, Pasta, Whole Grain Breads

Legumes: Beans, Lentils, Peas, Peanuts, Soy Products

Seeds & Nuts: Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Walnuts, Cashews, Other Nuts

Vegetables: Leafy Greens, Broccoli

When you eat a combination of the above foods, your body can put them together to make complete proteins. So, just as the W.O.W., and other nutritional sources state, it's important to eat a variety of healthy foods to get all of the stuff you need.I'm going to keep track of what I eat today and see if I can get my 80+ grams of proteins without going crazy. The thing to remember is, which ones are you eating that are complete, and to eat a variety of those that aren't. As with anything else, if you eat more protein than your body needs, it turns the extra into fat. So far today (just after breakfast) I've had 24.5 grams of protein, 14 of which are complete. Here's what I ate for breakfast:

1 hard boiled egg: 6 grams complete protein
1 3/4 cups Oatmeal Squares Cereal: 10.5 grams incomplete protein
1 cup skim milk: 8 grams complete protein

I've been looking at labels all around the house, and I think you might be surprised all the places that you find proteins. But, to make them count you have to eat many different kinds. I think they will add up. We'll see. I'll let you know at the end of the day how I did. Oh, and cereals have differing amounts. I checked the kinds I have in my house. Oatmeal Squares has 6 grams per cup. (But, who do you know that only eats one cup of cereal at a time?) Frosted Mini Wheats have 5 grams per cup. I thought Raisin Bran would be a good one, but it only has 3 grams. Also my kids' junk sugar cereal has 3 grams per serving. A piece of whole wheat bread has 2 grams. Anyway, I'm babbling. I'm just curious to see how many I eat without changing my diet drastically. And for the record: Atkins diet is still BAD.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More of the Same

Another 15 minutes on my bike today, but slightly faster at 13-13.5 mph for 3.2 miles covered. It was also slightly easier to get to 15 minutes today, so Monday I think I'll add two minutes. Yippee!
The Almighty Liz


I ran 3.5 miles pushing Justice and Clayton in the stroller. I always seem to forget how hard that is. Average speed 6.1 mph. I walked 3.25 miles also.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Note About Protein & Zoo Workout

I walked around the zoo for 2 1/2 hours today. Not sure how much of that was aerobic though ;)

I forgot to blog about the new protein thing that I learned about! My brother is a nurse and into nutrition, so he helped me figure out how much protein I needed. I was only getting half of the protein I needed to just SUSTAIN muscle, let alone BUILD muscle. I was only getting like 30 grams of protein a day, and for my weight and working out about 5 hours a week, I needed at least 65 grams of protein a day (and a max of 130). Since I started drinking a protein shake every day (30 grams of protein when made with milk) I've lost 2 lbs in three weeks! I usually only lose about 1 lb a month, so this was great. Plus, with the protein shake I was getting like 1400 calories, so I was not even dieting as hard core as usual (1200 calories a day). And, I've noticed more muscle definition and my abs feel harder even though I'm only doing about 1/2 as many ab workouts a week as I was doing.

Yay for protein!

Bike, and House Cleaning

I feel like such a schmutz still counting my housework as a work out, but it still exhausts me, so....I cleaned my house today. The cool news is, most of the time when I clean my house, that's it. I have nothing left for a more conventional cardio work out, but I did today! I did 15 minutes on my bike at 12.5-13 mph for 3.1 miles covered. Yeehaw!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Walking 1 Hour

So, I skipped running again today because I remembered I would be walking all over the zoo with my son on Friday (field trip). I will get back into running!

I also worked in the yard for about an hour with a rake and a big shovel.

Kajukenbo 4/16/09 and then some...

Tonight it was myself, Sifu and two younger students. We did some basics from the horse stance (forward punch, front snap kick and elbow smash.) That unfortunately got me winded. Bad, bad, bad. I also demonstrated our form 1.

Elbow smash... in form. With follow through.... In application....

We also practiced a standing guillotine choke and some defenses against it.

We also practiced a leg scissor takedown (can't find a good picture) to a heel hook.

My instructor is trying to pin me down on a good date for my black belt test. He mentioned that many people were coming to pummel on me. He also said that I seemed like the kind of person that would throw up and keep on going. (Sound like a Hallmark card?)
I was feeling guilty and underworked out so I came home and rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Swimming 1 Hour

Swimming was great tonight! Almost all girls in the lap lanes, and some strange people to watch and keep me pleasantly distracted while I swam.

Dieting Day 2 going pretty well. I can't remember why I did not start dieting Monday. Maybe because there was still white chocolate in the house in large amounts?

Catching up

Saturday I ran 6 miles 6.7 mph with two major hills.

Monday I biked for 35 minutes on the trainer average speed was 16 mph. I was having a bad day though because I took 3 small breathers.

Tuesday I ran 6.25 miles of nothing but hills, average speed 6.3 mph.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry I've been so neglectful of this blog!! Life just seems to be getting busier exponentially lately! Probably because I'm up to more, hooray! Yes, it is the fourth or so week of feeling good! This is a record, and I'm lovin' it!
I did 15 min. on my bike yesterday and today. 2.9 miles yesterday at 11.5-12.5 mph. Today a little slower at 11-12 mph for a total of 2.8 miles covered.
No more weight loss to report, but we just had Easter, and all the various candy in miscellaneous places throughout the house might have something to do with it. At least I'm not gaining, lol!
The Almighty Liz

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Exercise Bike 50 minutes Abs 10 minutes

No running again today :PPPPPPP

I still want to try to run three times a week!


More jogging in the morning. Hardly ate anything yesterday! Yay!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Yoga 1 Hour

Plus 2 hours digging in the garden with the long shovel. I'm going back on my diet starting tomorrow. No more Easter treats!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kajukenbo 4/9/09

We worked on some basic takedowns tonight. This is fairly close to one of them.

We also did a standing submission. I can't find a good picture of that.

My exercise was being the "dojo dummy" and defending against a young black belt.
(Total time 1 hour or so.)

Thursday Running in Place 30 minutes Strength 30 minutes

I was going to run outside today, but then the rain came. I worked in the 200 crunches.

The Pie Workout

I've been uber busy the past couple of days, sorry I didn't post.
Tuesday, I walked to the grocery store with Mary and her mom to get pies for dinner. Oh, the irony, lol!
Yesterday I biked for 10 minutes with a speed between 12-13 mph for a total distance of 2 miles. I also walked to the grocery store with John and the kids to get pizza for dinner. We've been eating super healthy, can you tell?
Today I am going to the Zoo. Lots of walking for several hours. Yeehaw!
The Almighty Liz

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walking And Stuff

Dang Easter! Dang yummy Easter candy! So I'm walking in the mornings, skipping breakfast and lunch and eating 4 Reeses Eggs. Not a good idea, ladies. (and man)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Exercise Bike 30 minutes Strength 30 minutes

Plus, I've been painting for three hours. If I don't blog tomorrow, you know I'm dead ;)


Biked 35 minutes nonstop (on trainer), average speed 16.1 mph.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Swimming 1 hour

No yoga class this week but Elise (my sister) signed me up to take the next 8 weeks of yoga with her again. I liked it enough to want to try and memorize the moves and try it at home after the second round of classes.

Swimming was good, though the pool was very noisy tonight. There were about 20-25 teenage boys running around, and only one girl! Poor thing ;)

Cleaning Workout

I cleaned my house today--like really cleaned it, and I did laundry. It's been a low-ebb energy day, and I'm exhausted. But happy. ;)
The Almighty Liz

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Actually did something

Jogged for an hour, then ended up walking to the park (far away) today. Very sore feet. Too much walking and crappy shoes... out to go buy better shoes....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Running/Walking 30 minutes

Plus hours of yard work, cleaning out a truck, loading up a truck, and unloading a truck. I skipped tired and went straight to barely alive.

Running report- Ran 1 mile, walked 1 mile.


Just a tad over 6 miles (running) 6.6 mph.

Friday, April 3, 2009


40 minutes stair running. I'm pooped.

I Am a Total Loser!!

I have, for the past couple of weeks, completely forgotten to post my workouts! How retarded am I? Don't answer that.
So last week I did mainly, well exclusively actually, housework work outs. Was trying to recuperate from my company/ease back into things after being sick. By the way, this is my third week of actually feeling great, and I'm ecstatic. Trying not to get too excited though, it's just this is the longest I've gone not only not being sick, but feeling pretty darn good too. I don't want to jinx it.
This week, I got back on my bike, and oh, does it feel good! Well, psychologically. My bod feels a little different about it, lol! I've done three days so far. The first day I did ten minutes, rested, and did five more. Average speed 12-13 mph, and 2.8 miles covered. Second day, ten minutes only, 11.8-12.3 mph, and 2.1 (or something) miles covered. Today, 10 and a half minutes only, 11-12 mph, and 1.9 miles covered. Having a bit of trouble working myself back into my groove, but it'll come in time. Also, I'M ACTUALLY LOSING WEIGHT!!! Hurrah! I've just been eating right mainly, of course with being sick most of the winter and all, but my body is finally healed enough, (I think), that it's not holding on to every calorie it can get it little hands on now. Huzzah! I'm down to about 133 lbs. January 2008 I was at 148, and when winter started, oh around Novemberish which is when I was still working out pretty darn good, and losing nothing, and shortly after November I got bronchitis and all the little flus and colds that go with winter, I was a solid 140, and continued to be all through winter illnesses. I've just started to actually see some progress in the past 2 or 3 weeks. My goal is around 125, BUT I'm hoping to start doing some weight lifting soon, and also the pool should be opening up, so I'm going to start measuring myself, (I got a tape measure, yay!), and keeping track that way, since I really wanna muscle up. So focusing on weight would probably be a mistake for me, hence the measurements.
SO, all in all, I'm feeling not just optimistic, but really good as well. Kudos to everyone who's stickin' with SVELTE! Swimsuit season is just around the corner, and we are going to be so HAWT!!
The Almighty Liz

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Strength with abs and some Yoga mixed in 45 minutes

I decided to mix some Yoga into my regular strength workout to get some more stretching and to work out some tension I've built up over the last couple of days. I also did the 200 crunches mixed into the stomach exercise part.

Kajukenbo class 4/2/09

Shadowboxed (1 minute) and stretched.

Mostly I helped the other black belt candidate refresh his forms and then I was "dojo dummy" for repeated arms bars.

Must work out more, but I still stretch every day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Swimming 1 Hour

I found out sharing a lap lane with two girl swimmers (about 10 & 12 yrs old) is easier than sharing a lap lane with one guy swimmer. Who knew ;)