Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday- Running/ Walking- 35 minutes Strength Workout- 35 minutes

Day One of Grapefruit Diet- dieting sucks!

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good about being on a diet that gets me off sugar again. Sugar=bad for Timpani. Unsweetened grapefruit juice is not THAT bad, but still pretty bad. On the other hand, anything I eat after drinking 4 ounces of grapefruit juice tastes really really sweet (even stuff like broccoli, spinach, and red meat).

Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday- Swimming 1 Hour

I was pretty sluggish on the swimming. I will get back into daily abs tomorrow. I'm also starting the grapefruit diet tomorrow too. It sounds restrictive enough that it will let me lose weight. Ashley-TV has said lots of things they've had to take back! I'm trying the diet anyway, mostly because I want to try a new diet ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Running With The Brothas

I ran with John and Todd today. They are both a lot faster than I am, so I slowed them down, and they hurried me up. We ran about 5.25 miles with some hills thrown in toward the end, at a faster pace than I usually run. Good workout. Here's to me getting back on track and not being the slacker I've been for a week or two.

The Grapefruit Diet

I Think I am going to start on this diet. It sounds easy enough- and I L-O-V-E grapefruit. I think I need a little nudge in the food department- and this structure may just work for me. (crossing fingers!)

12 days on - 2 days off

Vegetables Allowed:

Red onions, green onions, bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, peas.

Vegetables to Avoid:

White onions, potatoes, celery.

Grapefruit Diet Breakfast Every Day:

1/2 Grapefruit or 4 oz. Grapefruit Juice (unsweetened)
2 Eggs (any style)
2 Slices Bacon

Grapefruit Diet Lunch Every Day:

1/2 Grapefruit or 4 oz. Grapefruit Juice (unsweetened)
Meat (any style, any amount)
Salad (any kind of dressing)

Grapefruit Diet Dinner Every Day:

1/2 Grapefruit or 4 oz. Grapefruit Juice (unsweetened)
Meat (any style, any amount) (fish may be substituted for meat)
Vegetables (any green, yellow, or red vegetables cooked in butter or any seasoning)

Grapefruit Diet Night Time Snack Every Day:

1 glass tomato juice or 1 glass Skim milk

Important Instructions and Information:

1. At all meals, eat until you are absolutely full.

2. Do not omit anything from the diet, especially don't skip bacon at breakfast or omit salads. It is the combination of foods that burn fat.

3. The grapefruit is important because it acts as a catalyst that starts the burning process.

4. Cut down on caffeine- it affects the insulin balance that hinders the burning process. Try to limit to 1 cup per meal at mealtime.

5. Don't eat between meals. If you eat the combination of food suggested you will not be hungry.

6. Note that the diet completely eliminates sugar and starches, which form fat. Fat doesn't form fat; it helps burn it. You can fry food in butter and use butter generously on vegetables.

7. Do not eat desserts, bread, and white vegetables or sweet potatoes. You may double or triple helpings of meat, salad, or vegetables. Eat until you are stuffed. The more you eat of the proper combination of food, the more you lose.

A Word from One of the Husbands

Timpani's husband Erik asked me to post this on his behalf this morning;

"I just wanted to let all you ladies know that I thought that you were doing a great job and express my sincere admiration. I know that it is not easy to work out and fine tune your lifestyle, but having a group for support is great and the best way to succeed. Again: GREAT JOB! I will admit to not reading every post 'cause you talk about girl stuff sometimes that just yucks me out. :P Never-the-less, I pester Timpani for interesting updates and enjoy hearing about your successes together. A special kudo to my wife, even though I don't follow her lead, I know that I benefit by osmosis through being around her and her "can do" attitude. I have no idea where she gets the energy for exercising and caring for the little 'uns- which is plenty!- but she does and I am proud of her. Here's hoping that you reach goals and progress even more this coming year.
Sincerely- Erik, proud husband o' Timpani"

Thanks Erik!!
The Almighty Liz

Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday- Running/ Walking 30 minutes (2 miles)

Good run! Woot! With a good sprint towards the end. I think I might try running 2 miles twice a week for awhile until my lung capacity and endurance gets better again. Twice in one week though! Double woot!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Run

Yes, I've had a bad couple of weeks. Winter time is hard because it's hard to find a good time to run. Excuses, excuses. So anyway, I was feeling especially flubbery from lack of exercise, so I ran about 5-ish miles today. (I didn't take my Garmin, so I don't know my exact stats.) I feel much better now! It felt to good to just go out and run. GOOD GOOD feeling run! I need more!


Just a little shout out to all you ladies; hope you have a very merry Christmas! Try to remember to not overindulge (a little bit though is totally merited), and maybe work off the extra calories the day after. Also, try to take a second and remember what this particular holiday is all about. Give your loved ones an extra hug and a kiss; then get down to some present opening, lol!
The Almighty Liz

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday- Swimming 30 minutes

My sister watched the kids in the pool while I swam laps, but that only lasted 10 minutes, so the last 20 minutes of lap swimming I had a 2 year old or a 5 year old riding me like a sea horse. That is quiet a workout, let me tell you! Then I also played in the pool with the kids for another 90 minutes. That did not get my heart rate up consistently, but it was silly willy fun fun!

Same old--Same old!

I have been keeping up my same old routine even though I have been non stop lately. Some of you have asked me a few questions on my older posts and I have finally read them so here are my answers to your questions:
My workout everyday is walking/jogging on the treadmill for 30mins. Then Mon./Wed./Fri. I do weight lifting. Tues./Thurs/Sat. I do Ab/Butt exercise's and Squats/Lunges.
When I get measured we measure on Chest, Waist, Abdomen, Hips, Thighs and Arms. If you want more detail on where to measure certain spots let me know.
Keep up the good work ladies!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday- Running 35 minutes, Strength 30 minutes

Back into running! I only made it 2 1/4 miles, but I ran 3/4 mile the first time before stopping and then I also ran a bunch of small hills too after walking awhile.
Thanks for watching the kids Renae!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday- Walking 45 minutes, Exercise Bike 30 minutes, Abs 10 minutes

This blog is looking entirely too GREEN. Get svelte people!

On a happy note- I love this blog! I would not have done the abs if it were not for this blog. But, I thought, I will have to blog about the other exercise I did, and then explain that I was too tired for the abs, and that just sounded like a lame excuse for not doing 10 more minutes of exercise.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday- Strength 30 minutes, Running in Place 30 minutes

I did a test run today with the running in place to see how my foot held up. It's been about half an hour, and no pain. Renae is watching the munchkins so I can run on Monday for the real test. I'm so excited!

I upped the tension on the bike just a little yesterday, and ouch! My thighs were hurting so bad last night I had to ice them.


Haven't posted in a bit because I usually do it when Ahlanna naps, and guess what? She has refused to sleep the last couple of days. Anyway, Tuesday I did my usual cardio workout. Wednesday I did weights. (Oh, how I hate weights!) And though I was still sore, I did cardio again today stepping up the running speed by half a mile an hour. As a result I had to shorten my biking a bit due to jello-leg syndrome, but that is ok. Tomorrow I might join in with the class depending on which one it is, or just try to chill a little bit to give my poor physique some rest. We'll see.

Another Reason to Hate Winter

I dragged myself out of bed at 4:30 this morning to go running with my group. No one was there. It's too cold outside. How I wish all the groups met together still; I might have had someone to run with. I drove around town looking for anyone in our other branches running. All I saw were too of the fast men. I didn't want to drag them down, so I just went home and tried in vain to go back to sleep. So disappointed!

I ran the stairs for 40 minutes just now. Oh well. I am all sweaty, so I guess the day isn't a loss.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday- Exercise Bike 50 minutes, abs + stretching 20 minutes

I did the bike bare seat (with no pillow). My tail bones did hurt, but I think next time will be the final breaking in and it should be good after that.

Second day with supportive shoes, my foot feels even better. Woot! Only problem-the supportive shoes are my running shoes, so they make me want to run even more ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


35 minutes running the stairs.

Tuesday- Extended Strength Workout 1 Hour

I marched in place with leg weights on to keep my heart rate up for the whole hour. Wearing my supportive running shoes around the house (with supportive inserts) is making my foot not hurt. Everybody cross your fingers for me!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday- Swimming 1 hour, abs 10 minutes

Last days of my cold/flu slowed me down. Also, I was the only one swimming, so no competition to keep me going. Blah, winter doldrums.

Did I mention that the backstroke has replaced the freestyle as the stroke I spend the most time doing? I can go faster and I do not have to worry so much about timing my breathing (like the freestyle). I still don't feel like I'm doing the breast stroke right, so I need to work on that as well.

Technical Difficulties

My computer is being uber horky lately, and hasn't been letting me post. We'll see if it let's me this time.
Last week was kind of a light week. I lifted weights with Elise twice, and we did some mall walking on Wednesday, and that's about it for me. Erik was sick all last week, which put a damper on things, because I was up all night with him a few nights in a row. I'm now coming down with it, so I dunno how this week will go. I'm feeling not so horrible right now, just exhausted with a little cough. Hopefully that's as bad as it will get! We'll see how I'm feeling after naps if I'm going to work out or not.
Lovely weather we're having here in the midwest! It took my husband twenty minutes to break his car out of our ice-encased garage. Good stuff.
Try not to let the weather affect your working out! Work out inside! Get creative. Renae runs up and down her stairs, or you could put on some good music and dance like a crazy person. It will help keep the winter doldrums at bay, too. And try to get enough rest and nourishment, because it's flu season, and getting sick bites.
The Almighty Liz

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I ran my very hilly route, nothing but ups and downs literally. 5 miles.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday- Strength Workout 30 minutes

My whole body hurts from this cold, and my foot still hurts, so it looks like I will have to take next week off running too. Stupid cold! Stupid foot!


Was naughty yesterday and took a break, but I figure I needed a day for my muscles to recoup. I did go back today to do half an hour cardio class and an hour yoga. My knee is bothering me a little bit, but nothing new there. Maybe I should consider wearing my knee brace when I run. Hmmm.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i've been bad about posting

but not about exercising! I'm doing pretty well with that this week at least. Liz and I have been lifting weights, so I did that twice this week, and the eliptical once so far (40 mins) plus I walked one day. OKAY so I am not yet doing as muchas I would like to be--heck I would lieto be running six miles a day with Renae--but I am not there yet, so I will just keep pluggin away...

Thursday- Exercise Bike (Pooh butt workout) with abs after- 1 Hour

I think I've almost got my butt broken in, one more time should do it. I used the Winnie the Pooh pillow on the seat this time. I wanted to bike for an hour, but I discovered the tension working thingy and I think I over did it with that. I'm growing a tiny new muscle just below my hip bone. Hello tiny new muscle! Strange, but fun.

One hour is my goal for next time! I also wanted to gradually add more and more tension. I love this ancient exercise bike already!

Happy Day!!

I am so excited that I had to post again. I just got weighed and measured last night at Curves. I am soooooo happy because since I started my workouts and eating better in Sept. I have lost 14 pounds and 19 inches (all over). Oh happy day today!


I got up early this morning. There were only 3 people in our little group that wanted to run today. One of them wanted to stop early, she also was having slight car troubles. Since there were only 3 of us, we all turned around, not wanting anyone to be left by themselves in the dark. The other 2 of us dropped her off at her car, made sure it started fine, and ran a bit more. Still it was only about 4 miles. Oh well. I just wish we all started together like we used to.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So, I'm having a bad week workout wise. I was feeling bad so I decided to try a speed workout today for something different. Bruce tells me I did it wrong. I went to the flat side of the block, started at one end and just ran as fast as I could to the other end (about 0.2 miles). I couldn't even make it the whole way at that speed. I walked for a minute, till I got my breath back then I did it over and over again. I did this for about 15-20 minutes and then I'd had enough. I decided I'd just finish up with a few laps around the block at my regular speed. I made it one time and then I had to quit because I had a stitch in my side. Maybe I should have run more, but I didn't feel like it. Plus, it was dark out by then, and I'm not comfortable running by myself in the dark. I quit. Does that even count for a real workout? Oh well, I'll work out Thur, Fri and Sat to make it not a bad week.

Bruce says that a speed workout should be bursts of running fast, but not as fast as you possibly can. I guess that's because you can't keep up that pace for long.

On an up note, I think I've broken through another plateau. I am now at 149 lbs. That's within 10 lbs of my goal weight.

Better late than never

Hello everybody. Nice to hear you are all doing well. I am officially sore. Monday I attended a step aerobics class and then did some running on a treadmill. Then after all of that I had to work that night. So add, oh, another ten hours of walking or standing to that. Needless to say a hot bath was in order Tuesday.
Anyway, today I did basically the same thing minus the class but with some elliptical work and biking instead. Still pretty sore, but feeling much better.
Oh, and Timpani, if something genuinely hurts it is much better to baby it for a bit than end up on crutches later. Take it from someone who knows. Hope you feel better soon.

Wednesday- Kickboxing 1 Hour (with abs mixed in)

My foot is hurting just a tad after kickboxing, but not enought to be alarming. I could not run in place like I like to though :(

Hello All

Life always seems to get in the way. First I had the stomach flu, then I went back to my old job (part time), and now I am making Christmas gifts. I have been doing good on my workouts, except the week I had the flu. But, it has now become a routine to get up a 6:00 a.m. and get my workouts in . I feel yucky whenever I miss a workout. I love that this has become my daily thing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday- St. Bike 30 minutes, Strength 30 minutes, Abs 10 minutes

My foot did really well with the bike, but my butt hurt after like 10 minutes. I found one of the kids' animal pillows to put on the seat and I made it another 20 minutes. I might start calling it my "zebra butt workout" just for fun. I also did the strength and got up to 220 crunches with my ab workout.

To answer Liz--I don't think I did one specific thing to my foot, I think it was hurting I just ignored it until it was hurting so bad I could hardly walk two steps. Note to self- do not ignore pain!!! It's getting better with some memory foam type foot inserts, but I'm guessing at least a week until all better.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday-Swimming 1 Hour, Abs 10 minutes

There was a guy in the lap lane next to me who dared pit himself against me as I backstroked and he did the front crawl. I totally kicked his butt every lap for like 10 minutes, and then he pooped out and I swam for another 30 minutes. It felt so good to have that motivation of racing though! Erik said the guy was probably not racing me to compete, but was planning to hit on me. I think this was the thoughts of a sometimes paranoid husband though. This was my best swim in a long time in terms of just feeling great!

In annoying news--I hurt my stupid foot last week and it continues to hurt so it looks like I will have to skip running or walking this week. BUT, this will give me the chance to try out the new exercise bike (which will be lots less impact on the point of my foot that hurts). If this foot injury keeps me from running for more than a week I will be truly pissed!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Stairs for 30 minutes.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Yeah

I forgot, I walked in a parade on Thursday night. I think we walked maybe a hour, but we were handing things out to the crowd, and we kept getting behind our float, so we had to run to catch up. We walked uphill, downhill, all over the town. I think I got a good workout. :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Anxiety Workouts

I have stumbled upon something phenomenal. I am going through a ton of stress and anxiety about things related to our house and eminent domain (in one word- bad).
I have found that the more angsty and anxious you are the better a good jog is! I feel so much more calm! Plus I got in a really good jog because I am super mad!
This craziness just might make me skinnier! Haha!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday- Strength/ Running in Place/ Stairs

I tried running stairs and I only made it 10 minutes! And, it was more like walking up stairs. My goal was ten minutes, so I guess that was good. I worked in some running in place and my standard strength too.

My mom is giving me an exercise bike from her basement today so I can mix it up some more this winter. And, if that bike sucks, Alisha is giving me hers old stationary bike. Yay!

Hills, Hills, Hills

Timpani came over today and watched Justice and Clayton so I could run. I'm loving our new arrangement! I ran 5 miles of nothing but up and down hills. It was slow, and I felt sluggish, but what did I expect?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Squats suck!

Ok, so I've been doing some cardio and we know that. And I've taken some of Timpani's advice and decided to cut my calorie intake to about 1200. yay me.
But there's a woman I work with and we both have a goal. She's already lost about 60 pounds (by herself... no drugs, no weight watchers, nothing..) Of course, she has some hefty motivation, but that's a story for another day. So, she has started working out with her brother (who is in ridiculous shape and has about 6% body fat, grrr) and he has started her on this cross fit program. Has anyone heard of it? Well, her workout today was squats holding the bench press bar (approx 40 pounds). So in sympathy, and to sort of jump start myself, I told her I would do some regular squats so I would feel her pain..... and boy do I ever?!?!?! I don't remember this much muscle pain since I played basketball in high school! And this is the first night of it... of course, I'll be doing it again probably tomorrow.... :-)


Ran the stairs for 30 minutes.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Short and Sweet

I'm sick (again) so this will be abbreviated I fear. I got a workout in that I got to busy to post last Friday; 20 min of my dance workout video. Keep that flame burning people! One holiday down, one to go. Let's keep our heads so we can all be SVELTE for swimsuit season! I have a Dr.'s appointment tomorrow too, and I hoping, with only one symptom left, that I can get OFF the antibiotics. (getting a little tired of taking those...) I am getting better, but flu season is hitting my house with a fury, so I'll more than likely be just in and out this week. I dunno if I'll be able to work out, but rest assured if I can I will! If any of you are in contact with anyone who hasn't shown up for awhile (aka almost everyone!!), please contact and encourage them to rejoin the fold. Kudos to all that have been going the distance! Keep it up!!
The Almighty Liz

Tuesday- Running/ Walking- 50 minutes, Strength Workout- 30 minutes

I was sucky at running today, but I kind of figured that the day after swimming run would be slow until I got in better shape. Good news- Renae watched QQ bear so I got to run in the sunlight. My fav! The happy hormones from running mixed with the happy hormones from sunlight feels perfect every time.

Strength workout was good too ;)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday- Swimming 1 Hour 10 minutes Abs

Woo! My husband had the day off so I got to swim during the day and it feels great! Energy coming out of my pores and all that jazz. I think I might need to ad 10 minutes of abs on Saturdays too, since the chronic backache tries to creep back up on me over the weekend.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Race Day

I ran 10 miles in the race yesterday. I wasn't blazing fast, but I finished still feeling good. That's all I was going for. I picked a nice comfortable pace, and just kept pegging away. I averaged 9.38 minute miles, or 6.4 mph. This is 2 minutes slower than the only other time I did that race. That was 2 years ago, 9 months after Justice. Last time, I had 4 more months of recovery under my belt, but I was still very new to running long distances, plus I was sickish that day. I felt 100 times better at the finish yesterday than I did 2 years ago. No ice bath, and I'm only a little bit sore. Next year I'll be going for a better time, but for this year, I'm happy.

On a funny note, Brad Wever, a 13 or 14 yr old kid that I give piano lessons to, also the son of 2 of our Godzilla friends ran about the same pace as me. We stayed together for about a mile, in between his vomitings. He pulled off of the road 3 times to puke, and still beat me by one second.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday- Strength/ running in place 1 hour

I think I'm giving up dieting until after the holidays and I'm just going to try to maintain my weight with exercise. I think a month off dieting will do my body some good!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day- Running/ Walking/ Abs- 1 Hour

Vance helped me get down lower with my inner thigh stretch after my run/walk. I added the hill this time to see how much time it would add. It only added 5 minutes, so I'm definitely adding it from now on. It makes the workout seem so much more intense.

Zee Ankles of Steel!

As far as I know, Team Alton are taking the day off (that's who I normally run with). Team Godzilla (another team that I belong to) were having a Thanksgiving day run. So, for the first time, I decided to run with the Zillas. Those people are another brand of nuts! Team Alton is all about training for marathons, doing crazy hills and such on the pavement. Team Godzilla is all about doing the races around here, biking and trail running. I've never done trail running. It's nuts! Fun, but nuts! We ran in the woods, on a trail about 2 feet wide, jumping over tree limbs left and right, slipping on rocks, up hills, down hills, everything covered in fallen leaves. We ran about 4 3/4 miles, but it was a heck of a work out. Of the group of about 6 that I ended up being with (there I think 22 total), 3 people fell down at some point. I managed to keep my footing, but I was near falling a couple of times. Keith Timmins, one of the head honchos of these nutso goat folk, said that he is getting up early and doing a trail run at Pere Marquette Saturday, and skipping the River Road Run (the race that I'm doing). He's going to be there taking pictures of the other Zillas there. He said that 10 miles on flat pavement was just too boring! Nuts!

Oops Again!

I forgot to post yesterday. I did two ten minute dance workouts from my new dvd. I am totally lovin' this thing too. It's way fun, I highly recommend it. And you definitely work up a good sweat! I also cleaned my house, the infamous "swiffer" workout, even though I didn't get to the swiffer part. I ran out of energy.
Well everybody, Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope everyone has a warm and happy day, and don't forget to work off all those calories tomorrow! Love to everyone!
The Almighty Liz

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I didn't disappear again, I promise...

Ok, so I was buried under a mountain of work the last 2 weeks, but I still managed to get in 30 minutes of cardio most every day. I just wasn't able to blog about it because I was doing too much work from home after work hours.
I'm frustrated ladies. Maybe it's all in my eating habits... maybe it's the new medication... I don't know, but I don't seem to be moving in the positive direction toward svelteness.
I don't want to wax poetic on the reasons on why I seem so stagnate on the weight loss front, but I need some ideas. I need some motivation to make these necessary life changes. Please Help!

Wednesday- Walking 45 minutes

Not too fast, but it had lots more hills than normal. I would have walked further but my older sister claimed she was not in as good of shape as me. I informed her that I weighed 50 lbs more than her, so she really should not be complaining about being in "bad shape"!

Stairs Again

I decided to sleep last night, meaning I did not get up to run with the group. As the kids are off of school for Thanksgiving, I actually got up after the sun for a change. A good night's sleep is a healthy thing too, and I really needed it. So, to make amends for skipping out on my group, I ran my stairs for 30 minutes. (That's all I can take of it, mostly out of boredom though.) Then I finished it off by taking Lydia for a cool down jog around the block 3/4 mile. I'm trying to figure out how to schedule a regular time to take Lydia running. It's high time she got into the fitness groove.

About our arrangement Timpani, I'm excited to start! It's too bad that my kids got sick,and we had to delay, but I'm glad it worked out for you. My kids will all be home on Friday, so lets just plan on starting next week. I'll take my turn out on Fridays and you can take whatever day you like. As for the race, that's this weekend, so training time is over. I'm just hopping to hang on for the 10 miles! Next year, maybe I'll try to actually do good.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday- Strength 30 minutes, Swimming 1 hour

So, I missed my swim yesterday, and I thought I was just going to have to skip it this week. But, then Renae called me and said she had a sickie and why don't we switch watching kids (while running) next week. Great, I thought, now I have an excuse to go swimming today! I also got a little panicky with the missing working out Monday, and I threw in the strength workout too. I think I will be mucho sore tomorrow ;)

I'm Back!

Well, I was sick last week, forcing me to take a week's hiatus, but I jumped back on my bike today!! It was awful; I've lost alot of ground. I managed 15 minutes barely at around 11 mph, and covered around 3.5 miles. Oi! Oh well, I'll make it back up!
And we have lost alot of members!! I'm panicking just a little bit. I'm thinking about doing a contest to renew interest. Something like, who can do the most workouts over the holidays, or something like that. With a prize of course, but at this stage I'm just thinking out loud. Any thoughts? Good job to the die hards though! Way to stick things out, keep it up!
The Almighty Liz

Tuesday walking

I walked 3 miles this morning. It felt good to be up and moving early.

Finally Getting Off of my Booty

I ran with the crazy early people today. 5 miles including COB hills. I didn't wear my garmin, so I don't know my speed, but it was a good workout.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Take that- fat! I actually worked out today. It was only a small one- but I'm feeling... well yay!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday- The Chainsaw Workout 1 Hour

Yep, 1 hour with a "girl size" chainsaw. I worked up a sweat in 35-40 degrees so I'm guessing I got a good workout. Bonus- I kept all my fingers and toes!!!

Saturday effort

I walked two miles starting at 6 this morning. Mind over mattress. I can do this. But I'm gonna want a nap later!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Merry Christmas From Our Blogger Friends!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

So sick!

Agh! Still sick!
But I have stumbled upon an amazing workout! I've got six pack abs from the incessant coughing alone. Yep, get yourself a good cold, and there you go! Better than a tummy tuck!

Running/Walking 45 minutes

I was 19 degrees when I left the house today, but I got to see the sunrise so that made up for it. I ran almost a mile again, and then walked/ran another 2 miles. I was definitely slower on the walking this week than last week. I blame the cold ;)

I decided to skip the strength workout since I will be playing with a big chainsaw for about an hour tomorrow, and did not want my arms sore or tired for that. I love playing with power tools!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday- Kickboxing 1 hour

Lame lame tired workout.

A Question of Tact

I went running again with the group. Back before I had Clayton, the whole big group used to start together at the same time, same place. You just picked your pace and ran with whoever closest matched it. If it turned out that I couldn't keep up with whoever I started out with, I'd just fall back and run with the next group back. Since then, the groups have split up. The slow group still meets at our old time and place. The medium group meets at the same time, but in a different place. The fast group meets at the old place, just like 15 minutes later, I think. We all see each other out on the course, since we all still pretty much follow the same course. Each group has it's own smaller groups within themselves. At one time, I was one of the fastest women in the whole large group. I've been running with the medium group since I've been back from my long absence (bronchitis, broken ribs and baby). I run with the faster group, within the medium group. For now, that is plenty of a challenge. However, today I was the only one who showed up from the fast/medium group. So, I ran with the slow/medium group. It was just too easy. Eventually I'll want to start running with the fast group. Here is the problem, how do I switch groups? When will I know if I'm ready? Most of that group are men, but not all. If the women don't show up, then I could be in trouble trying to keep up. I don't want to insult the people in my medium group by admitting that they are too slow. I also don't want to slow down anyone in the fast group, if it turns out that I'm not quite ready to run with them. As winter is coming on, there will be less and less people to run with. Most of the women prefer to go inside to run on treadmills once it hits below 20 degrees. I am not one of them. From experience, I have a pretty good idea of who will stick it out in the winter. I think my medium group will all evaporate, and I'll be stuck with running with the slowest of the slow, or trying to keep up with (and possibly screwing up their work out a bit) the men. Argh! What to do?

Today's run 5 miles at 5.5 mph.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday- Walking 1 hour

Plus, I raked leaves and planted tulip bulbs for over an hour. Today was soooooo nice and warm and sunny that I had to celebrate the occasion with my last hurrah before winter of walking the kids in the stroller and yard work.


I ran with the early birds, but I overslept a bit and missed my usual group. I ended up running with the slower group. Still, I put in over six miles and we did the Challenge of the Bluffs hills. The hills were a piece of cake at that speed!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday- Running in place 30 minutes, Strength with abs 45 minutes

Running in place is also easier now that I run outside. I think I might have to start running outside another day, too. Now I just have to choose which day and work it in to my schedule.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday- Swimming 1 hour

I did something to my neck and it has been hurting all day, so I made sure to think "leisurely swim" thoughts as I swam tonight. I'm also skipping my abs tonight since that always makes my neck ache. I'm jumping back on the abs tomorrow though! I need my abs to keep away that backache!

In diet news, I totally sucked all weekend! I had 2-3 cupcakes a day for 3 days in a row! This is why I do not keep junk in my house since I have 0 willpower (or possibly even -10 on the willpower). I made the cupcakes for my son's b-day, which is the only reason they were in the house in the first place!

Back on the treadmill

Ok, I did 15 minutes on the treadmill tonight after walking through the blistering cold to the gym (it's only 2 blocks). I kept my pace about 3 and almost made it a mile. I wanted to start super-slow since I haven't done anything in so long. I feel good, no heart palpatations at all. Tomorrow, maybe I'll ramp it up to 3.5!

A good start for the week!

I did two miles with the kids in the stroller this morning. It was COLD but at least the sun was shining.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scared to work out

Ok, all... I've been gone since my surgery. And here's the reason.... instead of being elated at having this huge weight lifted off my shoulders (which I am), I have also been terrified at doing anything physical for fear my heart would explode or something. Ok, I know that sounds melodramatic, but I was a bit scared about having a blood clot around the device. Which I would have never even thought about until the doctor said it was a possiblity. But I had an trans-esophogial echocardiogram on Thursday and everything looked great. So, the doctor basically told me to get over myself and start exercising again. So, that's what I'm going to do. I'll see you after the treadmill on Monday.....


For being neglectful! I've done this twice now I think, and I am ashamed! I worked out without posting! I ought to be flogged!
Anyway, I worked out with Elise yesterday. We did a ten minute Pilates ab workout, and then bench pressed. I didn't work out today because for some unfathomable reason my right hip is killing me. It doesn't feel like an R. Fever flare up, it feels like I really really really need to pop it, and the longer it goes without popping, the worse it gets. So, anybody have any advice on popping a hip? Also, I'm coming down with a cold, and I'm conserving energy to fight it off before it gets horrible.
We're missing some people once again! C'mon guys, we need to get our healthy habits fully in place before we lose our heads over the holidays! Let's get back on track, and if you're working out and not posting, repent! I know I am. I do believe we are missing some of our stalwart members even (Dana!!). We hit our three month mark this week ladies, let's keep it up! We want to reap the rewards of all our efforts, and we've been seeing some great results, so let's recommit to being SVELTE!!
The Almighty Liz

Sheer Will Power!

I ran 10 miles today, average speed 6.0 mph. I wanted to see if I could do it, since there is a 10 mile race in two weeks that I want to do. I made it on sheer will power, no walking. My legs were mad at me the second I quit. I thought I was probably in for several days of payback. Since I'm breastfeeding, I'm not allowed to take vitamin I (ibuprofen). I asked Bruce if there were anything I could do to avoid days of pain. He suggested and ice bath. TORTURE! I made it through it by forcing myself to remember child birth. Then it wasn't so bad.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday- McDonalds Workout 30 minutes Friday- Running/Strength- 1 hour

Thursday-- My husband says I should count climbing to the top of the McDonald's play land 5 times as a workout since I was all tired and sweaty after. I think I was just worn out from cleaning all day. My son begged me to go, and it was his birthday (and no one was around!) so I played with him for awhile. It really does feel like climbing a mountain going up in that thing (if mountains all had claustrophobic tunnels).

Friday- I ran a mile (10 minutes) and then speed walked another mile (15 minutes) and then walked/ sprinted another mile (15 minutes). I was walking pretty slow between sprints the last mile, but I made three miles! A note about the walking- a 16 minute mile is the fastest I was able to speed walk before (when I was about 30 lbs thinner) so walking a 15 minute mile was a huge high too!

Got in a workout today!

I finally took advantage of the weird not-even-cold weather and took the kids jogging. Also vacuumed until I was red in the face- including those dang stairs! Man, the minute I can afford a maid- she is so hired!

busy week

I got in workouts every day but Tuesday. I have traded in the Spacial K for All Bran after considering the advice from some of you ladies about fiber. It is working better, I don't get so hungry. Not seeing anything dramatic happen from the diet yet, but the workouts are starting to work, I am feeling muscles I didn't know I had.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday- Walking 1 Hour

With hills, and very fast compared to our usual walk. I skipped my abs because I was scrubbing carpets for 2 hours today trying to get rid of all the cat, boy, and girl stains before my son's birthday party on Saturday and my back hurts!

All Better!

Feeling pretty good today, just a little tired. Although, much less so since Elise took Erik and let me have a nap! (you are the BEST, Elise!) Elise and I also lifted weights today. 3 sets of 10 reps each of triceps, biceps, lats and bench press. The arms are much less jelly-like this time, and more of a wet noodle consistency. Hurrah!
The Almighty Liz

It's a Miracle!

I have been doing less than nothing in the workout dept. In addition to that, I have been eating those candy oranges and a cheesecake I made in prep for a baby shower. (good thing I did a test run- the gelatin was all lumpy!) But I have been so super busy that I haven't really had time to rest- or eat anything else besides candy on the go. I didn't gain the weight back.... yet!
I have also been jogging on my mini-trampoline. Great fun for twins to play with afterwards. It's totally a win-win.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday- Strength/Running in Place- 1 Hour

I used leg weights while running in place too. Ouch!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday-Swimming 1 hour 10 mintues abs

Running has increased my lung capacity. I just realized this tonight as I was holding my breath underwater while swimming the freestyle stroke. I can totally kick butt on not taking breaths during the freestyle now!

Elise's Monday

Lee and I started our Special K 2-week challenge today. SO, only a bowl of Spec K with rice milk for me for breakfast (I don't do dairy, makes me WAY sick, and I don't like soy very well) and by lunch time I was soooo famished. We are supposed to have snacks of fruits and veggies and Spec K protien bars, but I didn't have much in the house and was too lazy to run to the store. I had a carrot for a snack mid morning, but that just didn't do it. Another bowl of ceral for lunch and I was still starved, so I had another helping, still MORE Spec K. Then I made applesauce muffins with my two little ones and we each ate a couple of those. They were whole grain, that makes it better right??? I had a healthy, light supper, but I think I need to get some veggies and fruits in the house for better snack choices. I don't do well with hunger. :-(

Did 20 minutes on my elliptical tonight.

Sick Today

So no work out. The uneasy fatigue of Saturday has blossomed into a spectacular array of nastiness. Upset stomach, sore throat, chills and fever. Hurrah! So, bed as much as possible until further notice for me.
The main reason I am even posting is because eight days ago I had a conversation with my dear sister in law Renae, of this very blog. She was lamenting having children to get in the way of her exercising. I said, well, doesn't the illustrious Timpani of this very blog live not so far from you? Could you possibly work something out with her? I'm sure she would appreciate some kid-free work out time as well. You could perhaps swap babysitting, or become work out buddies like Elise and I, or something. To which Renae replied that she was way to much of a wimp to ask. So, I gave her a week to pluck up the courage to call Timpani, and I have heard nothing of it, so I assume she wussed out. So, what say you Timp? No is a perfectly acceptable riposte. However, I refuse to be the go-between any longer, so you will have to direct all further negotiations directly to Renae. If you are missing her phone number, you have but to ask, and I will graciously supply you with it, via email.
Your welcome, Renae.
The Almighty Liz, AKA The Merciful Mediary.


Bruce's dad was in the area and volunteered to come over and watch my two younger kids so I could go for a run. Wasn't that a splendid thing to do?! Back before I got pregnant this last time, I found my own hilly killer to run right here in my neighborhood. Challenge Of The Bluffs is one big horrible nasty set of hills, really truly completely awful while it lasts, and the rest of that route is pretty flat. This course has some ugly hills, not as bad as the Challenge hills, but they never stop from the beginning of the run till the end. It's just one hill right after another. I hadn't tried that old route since before I got pregnant. I decided to give it a go today. I did 6 hilly miles average speed 6.0 mph.
Hey babe, that thing about me being totally fine with you breaking down my weights to use the smaller components as long as you put them back together when you were done with them?



Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bad Saturday

For some inexplicable reason, I am zonked out today. No energy at all. And a tummy ache. If I'm getting sick I will be really mad; I don't have time this week. WAY too much to do to get sick. I did however, manage a work out today. I hopped on my bike, and did twenty min at right around 14.5 mph covering 4.8 miles. It was a struggle though. All I've wanted to do today is sleep. Lazy me!
As for business, now that alot of us are kickin' some major chicken in the work out department, I'm noticing a strong lean towards revampage of diets. I heartily agree, and support any inkling in this direction. So, to further this venue, I will make up a new widget on my side bar to the right there linking all the recipe posts. So, the label will be recipes, and under will be set up links to the posts of all who want to throw up some new (or old!) healthy recipes for everyone. That way, they will be at our fingertips come dinner time! Also, anything pertaining to healthy eating will be similarly linked under recipes. This will take a few days, while I back read through the posts to make sure I get everything. In the meantime, feel free to start posting!! I so love the way this blog is turning out! I couldn't do it without you guys, so many thanks to you!
The Almighty Liz

Saturday Morning Group Again

Last Saturday I ran the exact same course as today. Last Sat. my garmin said it was 6.66 miles. Today it said 6.33. Go figure. I liked last Sat.'s report better. Average speed 6.2. I wonder if that's right?

Friday and Saturday

I jumped on the elliptical for 20 minutes yesterday, and again for 20 minutes this morning. This morning was my third time to follow the Interval program on it, and I nearly kept up with it today. Once I can keep up with the Interval program for the whole 20 minutes I am going to move on to the Aerobic program (harder) and finally the Fat Burn program which I can't even imagine attempting right now. I will do sone squats and lunges and pushups to round out my workout this morning.

With my husband taking the lead we have made some major changes to our eating habits lately. We are using lean ground turkey in place of ground beef, all whole grain bread and brown rice and whole grain cereals, lots of b/s chicken breasts, trying to add fish in more often, no fried foods etc. And we only allow ourselves one day a week to have some of the foods we enjoy; pizza, ice cream, whatever else. We are also not drinking soda, which for me is no big deal, I am a water drinker anyway, but he has given up a daily Mountain Dew habit, for which I am very proud of him.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dana's Back

Even though I've been absent from the blogging world I've not slacked in my quest for Svelte-ness. I'm working out four to five times a week at Curves. In addition I'm doing ab work and push ups daily. I've also adding lunges & squats on a regular basis. All is a-ok in the eating department. I've been whipping up some delicious meals. I think that I'll start adding some recipes & pix of my meals from time to time. I continue to lose inches each week. I've stalled on my weight but I'm sure that's because I'm adding muscle. I'm expecting a week where I drop several pounds in one week. Oh and I'm trying very, very hard to get the recommended 25 grams of fiber per day. My friend, Sarah, did that everyday last week and lost five pounds. She totally broke through her plateau just by adding fiber. It's amazing what our bodies hold on to.

Friday- Running & Strength 1 Hour

This time with the running, I ran 12 minutes, walked 15 minutes, and then ran another 10 minutes. I was scoping out a new neighborhood with the walking to try to extend the running (when I get there). I came home and did my strength (including 200 crunches and other ab work).

In soda news- I have been sucking this week! I had a caffeinated soda everyday this week. My cold turned into sinus infection, and I've just been tired (blah blah blah, stop whining and stop drinking caffeine too!)

All Hail the Jogging Stroller!

We've found out that we can only take half hour jogs before the girls go crazy. Fine. At least that's a half hour more than none!
I was so rocking out on the sidewalk this morning it was embarrasing. But it's the only time I can listen to my music! Here's the albums on my workout playlist:

Jimmy Eat World- Bleed American
Army of Freshmen- Beg, Borrow, Steal
The Donnas- Gold Metal
Shiny Toy Guns- We are Pilots
A Perfect Circle- eMOTIVe
Paramore- Riot

What gets you moving?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wensday and Thursday

So, if you hadn't picked it up from Elise's post, she and I worked out a little schedule to work out together during the week. So far, after two days, it's working well. We (if I may speak for the stunning and vivacious Elise) are both super pumped up. Our goal is to be super toned, strong, hot and SVELTE by swimsuit season. Who wants to jump on that bandwagon? Let's hear an "AYE!" from the masses!!
Anyway, yesterday, we worked on Elise's elliptical machine. I only did 17 minutes, 'cause that thing was kicking my bootie!! Elise found out from her hubby later that it was set on a really high resistance setting. Doh!! None of that next time! I be a wussie!
Today, we lifted weights. Sooooo much more fun to do with a buddie. We did triceps, biceps, lats and bench press. Later, I did 20 min on my bike at around 14-15 mph for 4.8 miles. My whole little body is jelly.
Nice to hear from Becky! It's been awhile, welcome back!
On a different note, I am holding steady at 136 pounds for my weight, but all my clothes are starting to fit different. My pants are lose, and my shirts look better. Hooray! Some evidence of progress at last!! Also, even after the elliptical machine yesterday, the joints are still fine. Life if super good in the fitness world!
The Almighty Liz

Thursday- Kickboxing 1 Hour (with abs mixed in)

I was sore from walking those hills yesterday too. I also raked leaves again for about an hour. I will miss the sun soon ;)

Oh the PAIN!!!

Last night at Curves, during our diet class, Lynette (owner) decided to teach everyone some lunges and squats that will help to build more muscle in our thighs. It was a wonderful workout, but I think I killed my legs. I am moaning just to walk around my house. So I slept in this morning and skipped the workout. Tomorrow I need to get back into the routine and even start adding in those lungs and squats. I can't believe how much I haven't been working those muscles. I thought my legs were the strongest things on me, looks like I have a way to go.

Thank you Liz!

20 minutes on my new ($10) elliptical yesterday, upper body weights today, Liz and I working out together both times. I am so excited to have a friend to workout with again! My last workout buddy moved away a year and a half ago and I have been in a slump ever since. Thanks Liz!!!


Early morning group: 6.25 miles running today. I'm not sure about speed, we stopped a couple of times, so that goofed it up. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say 6.2 or 6.3 mph average.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday- Walking 1 1/2 hours

I did two really big hills too, while pushing one plump 2 year old in a double stroller. I also raked leaves for about 2 hours today as well. My allergies are freaking out and I'm pooped, so no abs today.

A Really Bad Idea

We just moved into a new neighborhood, and so I didn't know how many trick-or-treaters we were going to have, and I didn't want to be a bummer and run out of candy! So I made sure to get a large bowl-full.
Absolutely no trick-or-treaters! Not one! So I had a whole bowl of candy. I couldn't just get rid of it- it was high quality stuff! (a major flaw in my thinking!) So I decided I would eat it as quickly as possible to avoid feeling awful for the next month. I'd just get it over with- like ripping off a band-aid. Not a good idea. The candy (between me and my pregnant cousin) was gone by Sunday. And I still feel icky! I have zero motivation to even turn on my pilates tapes.
I settled for cleaning out the closet under the stairs, which was a very light workout. I'm determined to pick it up soon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday- Strength 30 minutes, Walking- 1 Hour

I also did about 45 minutes of hammering to shore up what's left of my fence thingy after it was hit Saturday.

More on that on the kids blog: http://quisandvance.blogspot.com/

In other news, my friend Bruce (Renae's husband) says I hammer like a girl ;)


HA! I beat blogger, with the help of my uber smart hubby, who is FAR more techno savvy then I. The link works now, click away!
Oh, and for my workout today I went to walmart with a hefty list which included shoes for my children, which therefore precipitated that I take both of said children along with me. Two hours of battling through walmart and a much worse for the wear temper later, I came to the conclusion that I am NEVER doing that again.
The Almighty Liz

Hills Running

4.9 miles with the medium group, including challenge of the bluffs hills, rather slow though.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday- Swimming 1 Hour ABS 10 minutes

I went way crazy on working around the house today too. I had a cold all last week, so my housework was way behind, and then I got really industrious and cleaned a bunch of heavy furnace parts out of my basement (several trips) and took some to the recycling place. I'm really tired now ;)


Alright. I dunno why the link isn't working. Did it work okay for you Ashley? I'm working on it, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. It's late and I'm tired and going to bed now. I walked to the grocery store today, and carried three bags of groceries home. Not the easiest thing to do, lemme tell ya! An 11 pound cat is nothing compared to heavy grocery bags! I probably won't do that one again for awhile. I wanted to today though cause my little family all had dental appointments and I knew that I wouldn't have time after Jonni got home from school. Plus, the weather is freakin' awesome here in the Midwest. Also, I am luxuriating in the fact that I am joint-pain-free!! Two weeks ladies!! No pain at all. Only one more symptom to go, (fatigue) and I can kiss this 11 month-and-counting nightmare goodbye!
The Almighty Liz


Up early this morning after a nice relaxing weekend, did 25 min with Wii Fit (a little strength training and some step aerobics). Then after picking up my second-grader took kids to park and we biked for 1/2 an hour or so, not a real workout for me since it was at the pace of the kids--but whadya do, it is better than nothing, right? My husband wants to do the Special K challenge with me for a couple of weeks, see if we can really drop a couple of pants sizes. Anybody tried that one?

Breaking News!

Just a quick post to explain the shiny new gadget up in the right hand corner of the blog there. I have recently discovered that some very old friends of mine (a ginormous group of sisters, both biological and marry-ins) have started a fitness blog! So I went ahead and set up a link to their site; go have a look-see. Especially if you need a little extra inspiration, lol!
The Almighty Liz

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday and Saturday

Pretty mild workouts. I walked to the grocery store instead of driving yesterday. And I didn't take my kids, so I kept myself to a pretty brisk pace. Much more like my pace before I got sick. It was way hard, lol! And today John and I watched Elise and her husband's children (we alternate weekends for free dates, it's the BEST) and we walked to a nearby playground at Jonni's school. Here's the cool thing though; the last time we walked to that playground I was in agony by the time we got home. All of my joints were killing me, but this time, nothing!! This is so great! That light at the end of the tunnel is going from a pinprick light to something much bigger!
The Almighty Liz

Yay for Saturday!

I walked this morning, (with NO kids in tow!) not sure how far but did about 25 minutes at a brisk pace, then did a 10 minute Pilates Abs segment. I finally have my hubby on Saturdays again, so nice!!!

Saturday Morning Running Group

I met my running buddies at 6 am today. I ran one loop today. This is how Saturday running works with our group: We all meet at 6, 7, or 8. Some people will run one loop, some two loops, and some three. Since one loop takes about an hour, you can jump in at 7 or 8 to do a lap or two with the others who are already going. The Saturday course is slightly hilly. Nothing compared to Challenge of the Bluffs, just a few rollers. I went at 6 am and ran with the medium group. It ended up being 6.66 miles at average speed of 6.3 mph. I was thoroughly done after that. And to think that before this baby, I was up to doing 2 loops. Sigh. I'll get it back eventually. Today was good.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

One and one half hours walking with my trick-or-treaters. Does that count? I also got in one other good workout this week that I didn't manage to post about. Wii Fit says I am down a pound and a half. Woo hoo!

Lame Attempts

Ugh, I just don't feel like it this week! I'm all PMSing and icky. But I did get in an hour walk with a friend of mine. Of course that's the day it is totally humid! So dripping in sweat means a good workout, right? Hee hee.

Friday- Running & Strength 1 hour

I woke up bloated from this stupid cold and benadryl, so it made my running all weird. I actually ran faster for the first 10 minutes (making a mile in 10 minutes!), and then I walked for 10 minutes, but I could only run for 5 minutes the second time because I got all cramped from being bloated. Still, I covered the same distance in 30 minutes as usual due to running faster the first time. I think I will have to plot out a 3 mile course today because I might be able to make 3 miles in 30 minutes next time!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday- Walking 1 Hour

This cold pooped me out, so no abs today. I did do the hilly course, with two kids in the double stroller, but with no help! There was no time today or yesterday to get Erik to go with me at night, so I went alone. I still made it in under an hour!

My Thursday

Well, the bike is working out well. I think I'm falling in love actually, so this is a good thing. 20 minutes today at a slightly slower speed; 13.5-15ish covering 4.8 miles and burning 478 calories. I'm super tired today, and this workout was a hard one. It's been a bad week for the fatigue level. I just can't seem to get going with anything!! On an up note, however, it's been nearly two weeks since I had any joint pain! Hallelujah! I even wore my wedding ring last weekend for the first time since I think last February. My hands are all normal again! So, tentatively, I think we can count joint pain down and out, and now all I have left is fatigue and I will be DONE!! Hallelujah indeed.
The Almighty Liz

Somebody Save Me. I'm So Freaking BORED!!!!

I did my 30 minutes on the dumb stairs. I could have run outside with the kiddos today as far as the weather is concerned, but the baby's nap screwed that up.

I REALLY need to get out of the house. I'm going a little insane. Anybody want to kidnap me? Good thing the weekend is coming. I'll have to go play outside. NEED VITAMIN D!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday--Kickboxing 1 Hour (with abs mixed in)

Yep, and I have a cold too, because I rule baby!

Two in one day!!

I know, try to contain your excitement.
I tried out my new bike, and I like it I think. I like that it's digital, with a timer and a calorie counter and all, (it removes all guesswork), but the recumbent thing is going to take some getting used to. And yes, Renae, it's way quieter!! Well, I did 21.19 minutes, 5 miles flat at between 14.5 and 15.5 mph and burned 297 calories. I do like the stats, lol!!
The Almighty Liz
PS I finally got ahold of Dana, and she and Lisa are fine. Some repair guy cut their internet line, and it's taking awhile to get it fixed. Now we can all relax. Hope to see you soon guys!

Under 200!

Woo hoo! Just weighed myself this morning- squeaking under 200 lbs. Yay! I think the heaviest I was, pregnant with the twins at 250 lbs. Odd considering I started out at pre-pregnancy at about 180.
This week has been crazy busy, but I'm going to at least get some pilates in this afternoon!


Well, yesterday's workout was to clean my kitchen. No easy task, since it hasn't been done since the Great Halloween Party at my house over two weeks ago. Now, it has had some light, I'm-out-of-dishes type of cleaning, but it hadn't gotten the down to the bare bones cleaning it really needed in a long time. I didn't get there because I totally ran out of steam, but I made some good progress. I should be able to get as much done today as yesterday, and finish up tomorrow. Also, I had a pillow/tickle/wrestling match with my husband. (no, no sex after, I was too exhausted!) I haven't had the energy to play with John in forever, so that was way fun, as well as a super good workout. I highly recommend it. :)
On to business! I think everyone is doing AWESOME. Here's a holler to those who haven't been on in awhile. We are coming dangerously close to the holidays! Now's the time to really get those good health habits in place, so by the time Thanksgiving and such roll around, you won't even have to think about turning down that fourth helping of pie, or getting that workout in the day after. Obviously, it's the holidays, so I think some flexibility is warranted, I just don't want us to completely lose our heads, lol! I want us to be hot tamales by the time swim suit season rolls around! I want us to be SVELTE!
Also, I was getting curious as to how long we have been at this fitness blog thing, and we started on August 11th. That's just over 2 and a half months of consistent working out ladies!! And I checked my very first post to see how much progress I have made and here's where I started and where I am now;
Started; 3 five minute sets with 15 minute breaks in between at 8-10 mph covering just under 2.5 miles.
Current; 20-25 minutes with no breaks at 15-16 mph covering around 4.5 miles.
I suggest you guys back log and check your beginnings as well, because it was a major boost for me!! I mean wow! Look how far I've come!! If you do, post it so we all can see; I'm curious!!
Also, I've lost two more pounds. I'm now down to 136, only one pound over where I started. *huge sigh of relief* Cutting just a couple hundred more calories did the trick! Thanks for the advice Timpani!
We picked up my new bike last night too, so I will be taking that sucker out for a spin today. (metaphorically speaking of course, I can't actually take a stationary bike anywhere) It's a recumbent, which is new. We'll have to see how that works. It's also one of those new fangled magnetic ones, all digital too. It's got a calorie burn counter, and mph, and coc (I dunno what that one is), and miles covered, and a couple others I can't remember right now. I'm super excited about it though! I will of course let everyone know how it goes.
So again, if you're reading this and haven't taken that walk or gotten out on the track for a run or whatever you do for awhile, get out there today! You'll feel so much better, I know it for a fact. Let's get SVELTE!!
The Almighty Liz
PS Has anyone seen Dana? She's dropped off the radar for a week now, and her cell is busy. Hey Lisa! What's up??

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tueseday 25 minutes on Wii Fit

I spent 25 minutes with the Wii Fit this afternoon doing mostly yoga but also some strength training. My back has been killing me, and the yoga helped a bit with that.


Tuesday- Strength 1 Hour

I got 20 minutes of ab work in this time (including the 200 crunches) and I ran in place for 20 minutes as well.

In other news, I finally got off my period and was able to weigh myself. I lost 4 more lbs!!! We are getting into uncharted territory here ladies. It's been about 10 years I want to say since I weighed this little. Man, I might be out of plus sizes soon! It's a shame because I love all the posters of lovely large women all over plus size stores. It's a great self esteem boost ;)

Good News!

Well, so we all know tragedy struck on Thursday; John broke my bike. We have been in kind of a tizzy since then, because that bike was essential to my well being. We spent a good deal of our date on Saturday searching for repair pieces (to no avail), and the last few days getting the word out to as many people as possible that we are in the market. You just never know who's gonna hook you up, and as it turned out, a total stranger did it for me. I met her at a jewelery party on Friday (she was the rep in charge). It was a small intimate group, and talk quickly turned to a variety of subjects un-jewelery-related, and fitness was brought up at one point, to which I proceeded to lament my bike. Well, this wonderful gal emailed me the next day about a group on Yahoo that gives things away. They are called the Freecycle Group, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StLouis-Freecycle/ , and the premise is that if you want something, you post a bulletin which is then sent to all the people in the groups' emails, and if somebody has it, they email you. It's free, you just have to go pick it up. The reverse it true as well; if you have something you want to get rid of, post it, and people contact you if they want it. You have to be a Yahoo member, but it's free to sign up, so it was a no brainer for me. I signed up, posted my plea for a stationary bike, and got a hit within an hour. He lives about a half an hour away, he'll just leave it for me on the porch, (I don't even have to meet him), and I'm going to go pick it up today after John gets home from work!! (I'm not going by myself, that would be stupid) Anyway, I'm not sure if it's just a St. Louis based thing or not, but what a great resource! All it costs is a little time and gas money. A bargain for sure. I'll be sure to let you all know how the bike works out! Woohoo!
The Almighty Liz

Early Morning Run

I decided it was time to bite the bullet, and start getting up crazy early. As it's too cold to put the little ones in the stroller, it's either that or don't run. So, I got up a 4 am this morning, fed the baby, changed into my running clothes (with my reflective vest) and met the medium group at 5 am. We ran 5 miles. My garmin said that our average speed was 5.9 mph, but I don't think that was right. It felt faster. I think I goofed it up by starting it when I was still sitting in my van waiting to go. I'm going to have to get used to getting up insanely early. argh. I do love running with the group, it's just hard to get up that early! I'll have to put my children to bed earlier, so I can get to sleep earlier, and no more staying up watching TV with Bruce -my favorite part of the day. I think I'll pick two days during the week to run with the early birds, plus I'll tack on Saturdays (we start at 6 then). Then I'll just do stairs or bike (on the trainer) a day or two during the week. That's my plan anyway.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday- Swimming 1 Hour Abs 10 minutes

Ab update- After a week, my tummy feels tighter, but more importantly, my back doesn't hurt anymore! Yay! So, I would say it is definitely worth it to get rid of the chronic back pain I have from having a large chest and two small children ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hillary Duff was right?

I remember a few years ago I saw a bit of the View. (I know, so lame!) Anyway, some ditzy pop-starlett was on- I think it was Hillary Duff- saying that she lost 10 lbs. just by eliminating carbonated beverages.
Well, anyone who knows me well enough, knows I am the Diet Coke Queen. So for the sake of Hillary Duff's street cred, I tried it. I've been drinking water flavored with stuff. It's kinda good.
...but I totally lost like 8 lbs. in the last 2-3 wks! What?! Hillary Duff may know what she's talking about. Try it!

I'm still a long ways off trying that lemonade with cayenne pepper diet....


30 minutes stair running. It's getting too cold for running with the babies in the stroller. I'm going to have to switch things up. Time for biting the bullet and getting up obscenely early to run with my peeps. Time to bring in the bike and put it on the trainer. Time for stair running till I want to claw my eyes out. (On a second thought, I think I'll put off kicking the stair running up a notch just a titch longer. Not quite ready yet, but getting there.)

Thursday- Aerobics+ Abs 1 Hour Friday- Running + Strength 1 Hour

Thursday I did not feel like kickboxing, so I just did some basic aerobic stuff in front of the TV with abs mixed in.

Today- I ran 10 minutes, walked 10 minutes, and then ran 10 minutes again (again 2 1/2 miles). This second run was LOTS easier than the second run last week. I think it might have been because I really focused on stretching my upper thighs this time (the sorest part from my first run). I also wore actual RUNNING shoes that I was finally able to buy.

I came home and did arms and abs for 20-25 minutes in between more leg stretches.
Woohoo! Second time running at 6AM!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Catastrophe!! My stationary bike broke. The little tension wheel melted (it's about a hundred years old). Total suck!! So, my whole little family went to walmart for my work out instead. The good news, though, is that it rained today, and NO JOINT PAIN!! WAAAHOO! I am winning! That's right! Victory goes to the Almighty Liz! Unfortunately, I also came down with a cold today. But only a smallish one, and again, no joint pain accompanied it, so this is a very very very good thing. So, all I need now, is a new bike, and I will be back in business!!
The Almighty Liz


I ran stairs for 30 minutes today. It's getting easier. May be time to bump it up.

Tuesday and Wednesday

I know I am behind on posting...

Tuesday I got in about 10 minutes of Pilates after my kids were in bed, and then I literally fell asleep on the floor. So much for that...

Wednesday I got up and did some step aerobics early. Then I was soooo tired all day. I know that the benefits will come and I will have more energy down the road, but right now I am really struggling to hang in there until that happens. SO TIRED!!!

Nothing yet today, Thursday, and I have a Stake Primary thing I am supposed to attend tonight and still have dinner to get on...maybe just before bed again.

Not the boobs!

Ok, I have lost a lot of weight recently... but it's all been from my boobs! Nooooo! They were the only thing that balanced out the belly.

Took a really long walk/jog with the girls. We have no problem getting to the park, but the stroll home is unbearable. We need a closer park!

DC's Wednesday

I went to Curves and then had a personal abs session with Lynette. She totally kicks my butt! I love it!! It was also our weigh in for The Biggest Loser. We had a lot of girls lose four pounds and a couple who lost seven. Woo Hoo! I lost 1.75 inches and one pound.

It is really sad though to see how many women are crushed by the scales & the tape measure. Why do we do this to ourselves. Those numbers are relative. For instance... My chest measured a little bigger this week but that's only because I was wearing a normal bra instead of my uber constricting sports bra like last week. lol. Also the offical weigh-in took place after I'd just eaten trail mix & drank a quart of water. It showed me gaining weight. Yet I know that I lost some because I weighed myself when I first got to the gym before chowing down and I'd lost a pound. Yet some women just don't give themselves any allowance even if they know better. I'm so sad to say that there were almost as many sad tears as happy ones last night.

Breakfast: 2 pieces turkey bacon, Ezekiel Cinnamin Raisin Bread w/ peanut butter, walnuts, flax, strawberries

Lunch: 3 breadsticks and marinara sauce

Snack: trail mix

Dinner: Pork-n-Beans w/ Hebrew National Hotdogs sliced in them

Dessert: A few pieces of Hersheys Dark Chocolate/Pomegranite bar

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday- Walking 1 Hour, Abs 10 minutes

And I shoveled dirt in my yard, and drug it to another part of my yard for two hours (I'm filling a raised bed to for strawberries). And I'm on my period, with allergies acting up like crazy, so I'm pretty tired.

I haven't disappeared...

Ok, so since the surgery, I haven't exercised at all. In my defense, I was too sore to do much. But I'm getting back on the horse next week, slowly but surely. There probably won't be any 15 minute miles for a while, but I've got to start somewhere!
Everyone is doing so well! We're going to look awesome!

Pulling the Girl Card

So, I started my cycle this week, and having just come off of being sick, this was a particularly brutal blow. I made it through Monday, (barely), but yesterday I just said, screw it! I'm going to be a "wimpy" girl and take the day off! Today is not much better, but I did elect to walk to the vet's office, (about a 10 minute walk), instead of driving. That was of course carrying my 11.2 lb cat plus whatever her carrier weighs both ways. And here's the big news girls; no joint pain. I was exhausted of course, and cursing my overweight cat (she's going on a diet), but other than that, nothing!! Progress! Hurrah!
The Almighty Liz

Getting back on track!

After camping this weekend I realized I can't eat bad and skip exercising, because I felt horrible. My body is telling me not to do that again. On Monday when I worked out at work (Curves) it was so hard to work out. I felt like I was back to square one. I guess I needed a weekend of being lazy to show me how important my workouts are. Tuesday I did the treadmill and abs. This morning did my treadmill and weights, will try to fit Curves in today as well.


Went jogging again yesterday, but Ben & Jerry lured me into their web of lies, sadness, and fat. Back on the bandwagon again! I hope today will be more nutritious!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DC's Tuesday

After a fun weekend outdoors I got back to Curves today. After finishing the Curves curcuit I worked on my abs. I love working out. I feel so good afterwards!

Breakfast: Cinnamon/Raisin Ezekiel toast w/ organic peanut butter, almonds, walnuts, flax, strawberries

Snacks: Trail Mix: nuts, dates, dried apricots, dried bananas, raisins

Lunch: Lean Cuisine meal

Snack: Curves protein shake

Dinner: Campbells Healthy Request Soup

Finally an update!

Hi ladies! I have been updating myself on your progress but have been a little lazy in my exercising since my half marathon. Today I got home and was loving the weather outside so I ran about 4 miles. And tomorrow I plan to get up early and go run around the track-not my favorite but I like that better than running in the dark!
I decided I need something else to motivate me so I am going to post a new photo every 2 weeks to track my progress. I've got at least 30 pounds to go, ideally... :) Here is the first picture of me, it's not the best picture but I had to take one and post it before I talked myself out of it. Next time I will have Dana take one for me or find a better place to take it.....

Tuesday- Strength workout 1 Hour

Since I am trying to do 10 minutes of stomach exercises everyday, I decided to try to do 20 minutes of stomach on the two days I do my strength workouts. It worked out pretty well, a little bit harder, obviously, but still workable.

My new tentative workout schedule:
Monday- Swimming
Tuesday- Long Strength workout
Wednesday- Walking
Thursday- Kickboxing
Friday- Short Strength+ Running

The walking will have to turn into something else this winter, hopefully an exercise bike workout if I can find a stationary bike at a reasonable price!

I've Made a Decision

I can only do what I can do. I am doing fine losing my baby weight, and I just can't squeeze another thing in. I can't even do all the things I'm supposed to be doing as it is. I've decided not to bother with the weight training until my Clayton learns to feed himself. Right now, I am literally spending nearly a quarter of my time feeding that baby. Yes, I know how important weight training is and how great it is for you, and how many more calories you burn up. Preaching to the choir here. I just can't fit it in right now. I will be happy with my cardio crazy self until baby starts to feed himself and the breast-feeding slows down some. Then I'll have more time, and it can replace the calorie burnage that feeding the baby is.

I ran 30minutes pushing J & C in the stroller today.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday- Swimming 1 hour, Stomach workout 10 minutes

I think I'm going to take Renae's advice and try to fit in 10 minutes of stomach exercises everyday since my tummy is my biggest body issue right now. Maybe if I worked on it 10 minutes everyday (instead of 10 minutes twice a week) I can go down in pants sizes a little more quickly.

I also dug in the yard for 2 hours today planting blueberry bushes and trying to dig up an area to put a raised strawberry bed. I will probably be digging for 2 hours everyday this week to get this bed finished and filled with dirt and soil amendments.

I HATE Mondays.

Ugh. Well, did my bike today. 20 minutes at 15 mph for 4.3 miles. It wasn't as hard as last Friday, thank goodness, or I'd have to shoot myself. I was sick over the weekend, and lost five lbs! I know, not the best way to lose weight, but if I can keep it off, I'll take it. I'm at 138 now. I'm going to take some of Timpani's advice, and cut my calories just a bit more for a couple of weeks, and try to jump start my metabolism. (I don't think I ever mentioned this, but I have been dieting this whole time too. Uber frustrating to be dieting AND exercising, and still gain eight pounds.) Anyway, bike again tomorrow, weights on Wednesday. And maybe Pilates, if the weights don't wipe me out. I need to get my tummy in shape.
Happy Monday! (that was heavy with sarcasm, by the way.)
The Almighty Liz

One Hot Walk

The husband has the week off (yay), and wanted to do daddy-daughter dates with the twins. So today I only had one baby. (it was heaven!)
I plopped her in the jogging stroller with a sippie and we walked for about an hour. (another yay) Although it is still in the high 80's over here, so it was hot. Can't wait for winter!

Oh, and this makes me feel so much better.

Let's try this again!

I will get the hang of using this blog one of these days!

Friday and Saturday I got in good workouts.

Today is Monday and I am way behind on housework and laundry. My 2-year-old spent the afternoon and evening vomiting yesterday. He does that really often, it doesn't usually mean he has the flu or anything, he just has a touchy stomach or an allergy or something. By the next day he acts 100% normal, bounces back as if nothing happened. It is still way not fun though. The Dr. says not to worry about it too much as long as my boy is growing okay, and he is a big healthy kid, so for now we just deal with it, although I am trying to figure out on my own what foods he seems to be sensitive to. If anyone has any insights on this I would love advice! No more pukey baby!!!

I will do my best to get in a workout around the extra chores.


Friday and Saturday


I just had the best workout this morning! I can't believe I didn't think to do this before! I turned on my blog that has a bunch of songs that I love on it, and Launa and I danced for about 25 minutes until she got tired. (Really, I could have kept going, but part of what makes it fun is her laughing and giggling.) I have a laughing willing dance partner with a built-in 35 lb weight which is great for twirls and throwing, and it's way fun. Oh and guess what she did today?! My 3 1/2 year old daughter was dancing with me to "The Hustle" and she started doing the pony! I almost died laughing! I asked her where she learned to do that and she said Daniel taught her. Now I'll have to ask him where he learned it (he's only 6). I might get video of her doing it and put it up on my blog, it's hilarious!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wii be Jealous!

I am lusting after a Wii- so I can do the Wii Fit. I'm not sure if I shell out the $300+ if it will motivate me or not. I love my DVD, and it's getting to be nice weather to go out in. But the Wii Fit looks so cool, and maybe even fun?
Would it be worth it?

Friday, October 17, 2008

199th Post?!

That is so cool! I should give a prize to whoever posts 200. But I won't. I'm way too lazy, lol!
Anyway, my knee is all better today. I popped it trying to thread my way through the maze of toys that is my playroom/library to get a book last night, and it immediately felt much better. When I woke up this morning, and put my weight on it, it popped three more times, and felt all better. So, apparently, I got it a little out of joint without noticing, due to all the other joint pain I had going on at the same time. *sigh* But all better now!
So, of course, having been missing my workouts this week, as soon as John got home, I ran downstairs, and hopped on my bike. It was so hard!! My legs were jelly when I got done. 20 minutes, 15 mph for 4.3 miles. Oi! But I did it! And although my body doesn't like it so much right now, I feel good about myself, and that's what matters! (right? right)
The Almighty Liz
PS the little widget to the side there says it's 196th, but my dashboard says it's 199th. Silly technology! Make up your mind!
PPS okay, I figured it out. There are drafts that have not been published, so my dashboard says there are 199, but there are only 196 published. So, this is in fact, the 196th post. Still cool, but not as. ;)

Friday- Stength workout/ marching in place 1 Hour

I finally got a second strength workout in this week! I am looking forward to two days off. Whew! What a week!


I broke out the dog again. Poor guy. I was going to get up and get Daniel off to school and then take Superman for his walk and then get on with my usual Thursday stuff (bills, grocery list, shopping). Instead, I woke up to my sister-in-law (who takes D to school in the mornings) sticking her head in my room and informing me it was 7:30 (already?!). So I apologized all over the place and told her I would take D to school. Well, that threw off my groove. I hastily wrote my tithe check (because it has to come first you know) then I wrote a check for D's lunches, and stuffed the wrong check in the envelope and sent it with D to school. I realized it later when I found the lunch check on the edge of the desk. *sigh* Okay, the whole day pretty much went like that.

So I didn't get to walk the dog until after 10:00 last night. I'm also trying to teach him not to tug on the leash, so it was long and laborious, and I think we maybe walked 2000 feet and back. It was taking all night, and I didn't want the neighbors thinking I was casing their houses, so I'll try again some other time. Tonight, I think I'll take a little jog, and if my stomach feels alright I'll try 10 sit-ups. (I'm still really sore from the sit-ups from the day before yesterday.)

DC's Thursday

Lynette (Curves Owner/Personal Trainer) worked out with me today. First she had me double up my time on the machines during my first circuit at Curves. Afterwards she led me in a personal ab/hips/thighs/buns workout. Oh my goodness! I am so sore. After we ended I literally could not lift my leg. Seriously. I was a quivering mess. So I rested and regained enough strength to drive home. We start weights on Monday in addition to the amped up Curves circuits and additional workout. We're getting this biggest loser thing started right.

Breakfast: Boiled egg on Ezekiel toast w/ butter & Marmite, small apple

Snack: 2 oranges

Lunch: chicken soup

Snack: trail mix

Dinner: chicken bbq pizza & 1 breadstick

Dessert: brownie

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday; I have no good excuse

Where did the day go? I got up early to workout but then everyone else got up and with one thing and another I never got a workout in. I don't think I did yesterday either--? What happened to yesterday? Ugh, I've got to get more organized!!

Thursday- Kickboxing 1 Hour

I was dragging through this workout. I'm still sore from running on Tuesday, and not getting enough sleep this week, and a field trip, and a Fall Festival I took two kids to today (by myself!). But, I still worked out!

Note to self--try running on Fridays until you get used to it, so you have TWO days to recover from said running.

House Cleaning!

Well, okay, I know that's kind of a wimpy workout, but with everything hurting, that's just all I can handle. AND, I haven't been able to do much beyond occasionally loading the dishwasher until now. So yesterday and today I did the living/dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom (which, I'm ashamed to admit, hadn't been done since we move in!), and the hall. We are having lots of company this weekend starting today, so I wanted all the public rooms cleaned, and I did it! I'm wiped out, and I'm sore, but it's done! All my joints are feeling all the way better too, except for the right knee, which is killing me, so I'm gonna guess it's not the R. Fever going on there, but some injury that I didn't notice because it was hurting anyway along with all my other joints. We'll see how that's feeling tomorrow. If it still hurts, then I will do weights, but I really wanna do cardio!! Where's a pool when you need it? I can't even bike on this knee, I can barely walk.
Also, I just can't say this enough, you girls are doing so well this week! Even Mary has rejoined the fold!! We are all going to be so dang HOT....!
The Almighty Liz

Well, I pulled out the Weights!

Thanks to you guys' inspiration, I did a full upperbody weights workout, plus abs. Then I ran the stairs for 30 minutes. The problem is that it takes so stinking long to do the weights. I want to, but I don't know how I can fit it in. We'll see

DC's Wednesday

We started our version of The Biggest Loser at Curves tonight. I'm psyched! It's giving me tons of motivation. The first prize is a total makeover at one of the trendy salons, second prize is a gift certificates to one of the nice stores in town, third price is also a gift certificate. We're getting healthy recipes, food/workout journals, protein drink mix, a neat t-shirt, tote bag, etc... This is gonna be tons of fun.

Workout: Curves Circuit, 60 crunches, 5 push ups

Breakfast: 2 pieces Turkey Bacon, Ezekiel Cinnamin Raisin Bread w/ organic peanut butter, flax, walnuts, almonds, strawberries

Lunch: Lean Cuisine meal

Dinner: 2 veggies patties

Dessert: Brownies w/ strawberries

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am the most feeble, out of shape person here, and I'm a little embarrassed about how difficult this was, but here's what I did today. I did some "walking" in front of the tv while I watched a documentary about alien technology that we use everyday (circuits, lasers, fiber optics, kevlar, etc...), using spaghetti sauce jars as weights while I walked. I also did a minute of jumping jacks, which was surprisingly tough, but like I said, I am seriously outta shape. Okay, and don't laugh, but I did 15 excruciating sit-ups afterward. I think I'll keep doing 15 every day for a week, then do 20, and after another week, 25 and so forth. I haven't worked much on trying to strengthen my ab muscles since having my c-sections, (At first because it hurt! Afterwards, because I wasn't motivated.) so any type of ab exercise really is very difficult. when I do sit-ups I can still feel the pulling in my muscles where they've been cut. Kind of creepy feeling. I wonder if that will ever go away?

Wednesday- Swimming 1 Hour

I made it back up to 25 minutes of freestyle. Yay!

I am so sore from running yesterday. My thighs, mostly, making it really painful to sit down on the potty all day today. I also went on a field trip to the Pumpkin Farm that involved a lot of me walking around slightly bow legged.

Runners, please give me all the benefits of running to keep me motivated, and to make me want to try this again next week!

Small Victory

This is so minor, but it made me super-happy. After Target, I buzzed by Del Taco in the parking lot and totally DID NOT get a burrito! Since I have zero self-control, this is quite a victory. Not much going on in the workout dept. Hubby has been working 12 hr. days, so I've been napping while the girls nap. I know I should be working out, but wrangling babies for 12 hrs. seems like workout enough right now.

Not Much

Okay everyone, I just wanted to real quick let everyone know I'm still alive, and why I haven't been on here in almost a WEEK.
I overdid it with the walking last Thursday and took Friday off. I DID go shopping with Timpani on Saturday for several hours, and I count that as a work out cause I was a quivering pile of jelly at the end of it. Sunday was Sunday, and then on Monday the weather changed. The two things that affect my joints the most are cold and the weather. The past couple of days I haven't been able to move without pain, so I have opted out of exercise. (I actually had to take pain meds to sleep last night, it was awful) Today I'm feeling better as the weather is leveling off. When my normal work out time rolls around, I'll see how I'm feeling. I might not do anything again today though, so as not to acerbate these problems. Then we'll see what tomorrow brings. I am having a more rapid recovery time, so that is definite and very good progress. There is light at the end of the tunnel!!
I would also like to say WAY TO GO ladies! You guys have been pulling out all the stops the past couple of weeks, and that is just stellar!! We have a new member as well, my sister-in-law Ashley, and I would like to just give a shout of welcome out to her. We're way happy to have you!
So everybody, keep up the good work!! The holidays are coming up, let's keep our focus, and try not to slack off too much. If we can keep it in line, we'll all certainly be uber SVELTE by swimsuit season!! Wouldn't that be so nice?!
The Almighty Liz

A Great Weight Loss Tip:

Get a tapeworm! It worked for Chloe-Fatsoe (my dog). She lost 8.5 lbs. (She needed it too!)
She's okay now. I took her to the vet, and she got some worm killer.

(Just in case there are any morons out there reading this, no I am not actually endorsing getting a tapeworm as a method of weight loss. It's a JOKE!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DC's Tueday

I went to Curves and worked up a great sweat. Hallelujah I've finally gotten to the point were I want to work out. I look forward to it all day! This is a new thing for me but I love it!

Breakfast: 2 pieces turkey bacon, Greek yogurt w/ granny smith apples, walnuts, almonds, flax seed

Lunch: Lean Cuisine meal

Snack: 1/2 granola bar

Dinner: Chicken Marsala, Green Salad

Dessert: Brownies & fresh strawberries

p.s. I've always had a little bulge on the outside of my thighs. It was so noticable whenever I wore knit pants. Well it's gone! Yay!!

Tuesday walking, lots of hills

Walked today in a neighborhood with BIG hills. Pushing a stroller with two kids up and down steep hills was a pretty good workout. My calves hurt big time tonight. Guess I had better stretch out a little before bed.

Tuesday- Running OUTSIDE 30 minutes, March in Place 30 minutes

I actually ran for 10 minutes, walked for 10 minutes, and then ran for 10 more minutes. I covered 2 1/2 miles this way (in 30 minutes). I thought I did pretty good since this was my first time running OUTSIDE. When I got home I marched in place 30 minutes. It was kind of a fluke, because I got my wires crossed with my friend, and apparently I did not have to get up at 5:30AM, but I was awake, so I decided to try running since there would be less people to see me that early.

The sorest thing afterward was my chest because I forgot to put on the high impact sports bra I had bought for running. Gotta remember that for next time. Ouch! I also really need to get some decent running shoes. I have a pair of Asics Gels I use for walking, but they are getting pretty old anyway. I'm saving up My Coke Rewards points to get a $10 off at Foot Locker, so that should offset the cost of a decent pair of running shoes.

My First goals for running- Get up EARLY and go running at least once a week in the morning. Run 30 minutes straight without stopping. Run 3 miles in 30 minutes instead of 2 1/2 miles (I know that's slow, but please remember I am short with short legs).