Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday and Saturday

I jumped on the elliptical for 20 minutes yesterday, and again for 20 minutes this morning. This morning was my third time to follow the Interval program on it, and I nearly kept up with it today. Once I can keep up with the Interval program for the whole 20 minutes I am going to move on to the Aerobic program (harder) and finally the Fat Burn program which I can't even imagine attempting right now. I will do sone squats and lunges and pushups to round out my workout this morning.

With my husband taking the lead we have made some major changes to our eating habits lately. We are using lean ground turkey in place of ground beef, all whole grain bread and brown rice and whole grain cereals, lots of b/s chicken breasts, trying to add fish in more often, no fried foods etc. And we only allow ourselves one day a week to have some of the foods we enjoy; pizza, ice cream, whatever else. We are also not drinking soda, which for me is no big deal, I am a water drinker anyway, but he has given up a daily Mountain Dew habit, for which I am very proud of him.


lizS said...

wow elise!! you didn't tell about the diet, that's awesome! something else to add; portion control. i've found that you can almost eat whatever you want as long as the portions are small. you have made some great choices there though! sounds like we are all interested in getting our diets in order as well as our exercise. i may have to add a widget for that or something. i'll be thinking...and hey! do we need to get lee on here?? why don't you ask him?

timpani76 said...

I find that adding lots of veggies (5-7 servings a day) makes me feel less hungry and also adds fiber I need to my diet. I switched to the whole grains thing a few years ago, and that really helps. My husband complained a little at first about the whole wheat pasta, not white rice, whole wheat bread, but he does not even seem to notice now.

Tell your husband good job on the soda! I know, I know, I REALLY know that can be hard to give up. Although he's giving up high sugar and high caffeine, so his is probably harder to give up than mine.

Dana Cheryl said...

great job! those are big changes and we support you!! :)