Friday, August 15, 2008

Ezekiel Bread

I discovered Ezekiel Bread during my many years as a vegetarian/vegan. The name comes from Ezekiel 4:9 in the Bible which is a recipe for bread. When the grains are sprouted, combined, and baked it becomes a complete protein.

The texture is different but it's worth the effort. A sandwich made with this stuff lasts hours longer than regular bread. Because of the excellent protein & 18 amino acids in the bread there's no need to worry about its carb count.

On the exercise front... I went on a 2.75 mile hike with Trisha & Lisa in Spring Creek Canyon.

Breakfast: 1 piece Ezekiel Toast w/ Sunflower Butter, Raspberry Preserves, & Flax seed with cantaloupe. Believe it or not it lasted the entire morning.

Snack: trail mix

Lunch: Thai Peanut Chicken, corn on the cob, jasmine rice w/ flax seed, & cantaloupe

Dinner: Hamburger (made w/ beef from Lisa's grandma's farm), chips, with a few pieces of Dove Dark Chocolate for dessert.


lizS said...

so where do you get it? health food store? alternative sources of protein are super good i know, but i HATE beans. well, i sort of like navy beans, (or white beans). but it would be a good thing to add the bread, since i hardly ever eat navy beans. is it super expensive? it also sounds like it would be a super good thing for me to eat in the morning. good job with your workouts, you are an animal!!

Trisha said...

I will have to say that this bread does hold you for a long time! I think I was only able to eat half a sandwich at a time. Which was pretty good considering that we were hiking!