Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday #2

I also biked 19 miles with Team Godzilla. Average speed 18.1 mph. That's two work-outs today. I can pretty much guarantee that I will not work out tomorrow.

Tuesday Mowing the Lawn 35-45 minutes

I'm counting this as a strength workout because me shoulders and neck are totally killing me right now. I'm not sure about the actual time spent mowing because I had to stop and get the baby up from her nap and put her outside in her walker so I could finish.

Plus-cleaning the kitchen and various other places-1 hour.


I did the hills with the group today. It was hotter again this morning, so I had a bit of a hard time. Once again we cut off the Challenge of the Bluffs hills. Maybe next week. 6 miles HILLS!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Running/Walking 30 minutes (2 miles total)

I ran 1 1/2 miles total with the Couch to 5K program (I started on Week 4 Day1). I'm going to try to run 3 times a week for the next few weeks on this program to get up to running 3 miles again. It should be a fun challenge. The last half mile today was BRUTAL, until I sprayed myself with my water bottle, hit a cool breeze, and the endorphins kicked in (finally). My calves were pretty sore from running 1 mile on Saturday too.

Here's the link (scroll to the bottom for the program all laid out)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Bruce and I biked 32 miles today. I love biking. I'm tired though.

Saturday Running/Walking 30 minutes (2 miles)

Running- almost 1 mile 13 minutes, and then walking the other 1+ mile. I pooped out toward the end because today was HOT, and I did not get start until 2pm for various baby related reasons. I tried the Renae's wet t-shirt thing, and that did help.

Plus- grocery shopping with the whole family for 1 hour.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Hardcore Kickboxing Circuit 50 minutes

With 10 lb free weights for the weights part. This will be the last time I will do this DVD for awhile, since blockbuster.com is sure to want it back (though they claim no late fees). I've had it for a month, so I can't blame them. I will have to try and find it on Amazon.com

Plus, more cleaning. Wow, my house was dirty.


I ran with the group today. I was undecided if I wanted to do the regular run with the Nautilus group, or to do speed work with the fast group. In the end, I ran to the track with the Nautilus group, and then did a speed workout, and then trotted back to the van. Unfortunately, I kind of hurt my quad. I should have stretched. I guess I took off too fast at the track. It hurt, and I stupidly kept running. It got better, but I could still feel it being aggravated for my whole workout. Now it's mad at me. I think I strained something. I'll have to be more careful in the future. Anyway, 1.5 mile run to the track, 4 -1/2 mile loops as fast as I could hold for 1/2 mile, and then 1- 1/4 mile as fast as I could, last a slow 1.5 mile jog back to my van. I hope my quad gets better fast!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Walking 1 hour (2 1/2 miles)

With two kids in the double stroller (1 mile), and then two kids in the double stroller and holding the baby in the sling (1 1/2 miles).

Plus- lots of cleaning today. Apparently, my house got super dirty while I was busy NOT sleeping ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Walking 45 minutes (2 miles)

With two kids in the double stroller, and then two kids in the double stroller and holding the baby in the sling. My left hip was giving me trouble, so I decided to take it easy for the first part of the week. I'll try running again on Saturday.

Monday-cleaned, laundry, and cooking pretty much all day. Catch up day!


I ran hills with the group. Tough stuff folks! I skipped the Challenge of the Bluffs portion again, but I had plenty of workout without it. Maybe next week. 6 miles of hilly Team Alton hills.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Running/Walking 35 minutes (2 miles)

Running- 13 minutes (1 mile) and then walked the other mile (slowly). I pushed myself to get that mile in 13 minutes! My calves were also sore from the aerobox workout on wednesday and my thighs were sore from the exercise bike yesterday.

I worked out 5 times this week. Woot!!!

Saturday Adventure

This is my absolute favorite kind of work-out!! 34 mile bike ride with John, not really concerned about speed. LOVED IT!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Exercise Bike + Strength Workout (arms & abs) 40 minutes

exercise bike-20 minutes, 10 minutes arms, 10 minutes abs (including 120 crunches and standing abs). My abs are definitely still not back to normal, still struggling just to get those 120 crunches.

Also- cleaned the kitchen and did laundry.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catching up

I've been working out, but sucking at posting. I'm having some moderate fatigue issues, combined with some other things, and I think a call in to my doc is in the cards soon. Anyway, I did my bike twice last week, 20 minutes both times, 5.2ish miles both times, @ around 13.5-14 mph both times. I had some knee trouble Monday and Tuesday this week, so I babied it for those days, but yesterday was feeling better so got on the bike again. (this is my exercise bike, btw, it's been WAY to hot for anything outside) I only did 15 minutes though. See? Fatigue issues. I'm really struggling with anything aerobic lately. It might also be that I need a new mattress and haven't gotten a good night's sleep in several weeks....lol! Duh. Can you tell I'm tired? :P
The Almighty Liz

Thursday Humble Pie

I did speed work at the track with the group. I hate it when people who I used to think of as slow work really hard, I slack off, and now they can kick my booty. Oh well! That's what I get for working out with a bunch of marathoners. They really train hard, and it pays off. Good for them! I'm not doing any marathons any time in the foreseeable future, so I guess I'd better get used to being passed up. I just have other things that I want to do with my time. I'll work out hard, but enough is enough. I'm just not putting myself through all of that. ANYWAY! I did 4 - 1/2 miles and 2 - 1/4 miles. Go Team Alton!! You guys are awesome, and you never fail to make me feel like a slacker!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Aerobox Workout 50 minutes

I am smoking hot! I quit doing THIS
workout video like 8-9 years ago because it got too hard. I did the whole thing, no breaks! Woot! This is a Kathy Smith workout, but mostly taught by a professional boxer. It is the hardest video workout I have ever come across.

That's about all I got done today though (baby was having a major fussy pants day).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Strength Workout 30 minutes

Arms, abs, legs (10 minutes each).

Plus- 1 hour of weeding and 1 hour running errands with three kids.

I've Turned into a Wuss

I ran the INSANE hill route with the group today. It's the first time in months that I've done that route. MAN WAS IT HARD! Ugh, I've lost more ground this summer than I thought. Oh well, it'll come back. I skipped the Challenge of the Bluffs portion because I had to get home for the first day back in school craziness. I was way done by then anyway. I think that makes it 6 miles of HILLS.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Running/Walking 40 minutes (2 1/2 miles)

Plus, 1 hour of weeding and 1 hour of grocery shopping.

First run in 6 months! I ran 1 mile in 14 minutes, and then walked the rest. So, really sloooooooow, but still felt good.

Feeling Better

I did tolerably well at the triathlon after all. It was 1:45 slower than my PR, but better than I was expecting to do.

I stepped outside last night and GLORY BE, it was actually NICE outside!!! HOORAY!!! I therefore decided to run with my long lost running group. They have since added new pain to our route in a hill that I swear lasts an entire mile. (I don't know how long really is since I haven't actually measured it, but it just doesn't stop! I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it is a mile long.) Those people are sadistic! Anyway I ran 7.5 miles today. YAY!

Oh and I went to the dr. today about my thyroid (just a check-up). While I was there I asked him about my stupid stomach issues. (Last week was a special case. I think I had an actual bug that added to my normal issues. Ross got sick too.) I have been waking up at 3:00 am with an upset stomach semi regularly for a few months, followed by a nice bout of diarrhea around 5:00 am. Usually it goes away after that and I'm fine for the rest of the day. The doctor says it is likely a lactose intolerance. Now I can't eat any dairy for a whole month! STINK!! I have to go back in one month to report after my MONTH of no dairy. *SHHHH* I am rebelliously drinking chocolate milk as we speak, then I promise I'll do my best to swear it off for a MONTH.

Question Timpani: Can I still eat things baked with milk, like my wonderful buttermilk pancakes?

One more GOOD item of news about Renae's body (like you really want to know all about what my body does). I talked to my dr. about getting vein surgery. He said the results are very good usually. He is sending a referral to the fine folks at Wash. U, and THEY will be calling ME with an appointment. (This is a good thing because I've been putting off calling a vascular surgeon for 2 years now.) It's about stinking time! Won't it be lovely not to have the world's most ugly legs, AND also to not have horrible painful veins every time Aunt Flo comes to visit, AND to not have swollen ankles all of the time. What a lovely thing that will be!

Darn, my last chocolate milk is gone. I don't even know what to cook now. I put cheese in positively everything! STINK!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Up All Night

again with MAJOR stomach cramps and diarrhea. It hurts so bad! It's now 5 in the morning. I can't sleep. If this keeps up, I'm afraid the triathlon will be an impossibility for me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Exercise Bike/Strength Workout 40 minutes

20 minutes exercise bike, 10 minutes arms, 10 minutes abs.

Plus- standing in line registering kids for school and laundry.

I waited until like 9pm at night because of this heat, and I still felt a little "heat sick" after the workout. Yuck!


Good news, I lost 2 pounds. Bad news, it's all dehydration. I got a bad upset stomach and the worst case of Donny and Maria that I think I've ever had. No workout today. Must go and rehydrate!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Running in place/standing abs 30 minutes

Running in place-20 minutes, standing abs 10 minutes

Plus- laundry

Last Week and Tuesday

Girls, is it just me or has this summer's humidity been crazy brutal. Seriously I am mentally BEAT! I just don't want to do it anymore! It's been two solid months of 100 percent humidity EVERY time I go out to run. It is KILLING ME!! I just don't want to do it at all! Time after time after time, two months solid of breaking apart every time I run. I am DREADING the Triathlon this Saturday. Forget trying for a personal record, I just hope I don't end up walking. UGH!

Last week was BAD. I just didn't want to run at all. Tuesday night I ran circles around my parent's pool for a half hour. I ran 10 laps one direction and then turned around and ran 10 in the other direction, and repeated this process for 30 minutes. It was an odd kind of workout. My legs were definitely burning, but my heart-rate wasn't as high as it is when I run. But for once I was thankfully not hot!

I ran with Terry on Friday in Indiana. We ran hills, and I made it 5 miles before I had to quit and walk back. (The weather was a little cooler and a little less humid than the rest of this stupid summer.)

Does it count for anything that I walked around theme parks ALL DAY LONG for two days straight?

Today I ran the hills in my neighborhood. They aren't as long as the hills on Team Alton's hill route, but they don't stop at all. I ran for 35 minutes and then I was just done. I walked for another half hour maybe longer. DARN this weather!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Kickboxing 50 minutes (with 10 lb free weights for the strength part)

Hardcore Kickboxing Circuit again. This workout just keeps getting better! Thank goodness, since I was feeling pretty lost with my pool being closed for another month. Kickboxing definitely gives me the same energy as swimming, so it must be a good workout.

Hopefully, I can run again soon and I will really be rolling in that feel good workout energy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Kickboxing (with arm strength added in) 45 minutes

I did the Hardcore Kickboxing Circuit again, but I upped the weights from 2 lb hand weights to 10 lb free weights for the weight training section. Great workout! I think this might be one I have to add to my workout library.

Also- cleaned out my car for 30 minutes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yesterday I did ten minutes of dancing. I don't know what the flip my problem is lately, but working out is hard. I just feel weird. Anyway, hopefully today I can do more.
The Almighty Liz

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Exercise Bike + Strength (Arms & Abs) 40 minutes

Exercise Bike 20 minutes, 10 minutes arms, 10 minutes abs (with 120 crunches included).

Plus, cleaning the kitchen 30 minutes.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Hodge Podge Workout 1 hour

30 minutes of heavy weeding then I ran inside and ran in place-20 minutes, and standing abs 10 minutes.

Plus laundry.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I ran six miles. The sun was mercifully under a cloud the whole time.