Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cooking Adventures!!!


Fresh picked lettuce w/ hummus, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds along with gluten free crackers w/ goat cheese.

I loved it! One of my favorites of the week!


Mango, Banana, Peach, blueberry Smoothie & Nettle Tea

I discovered a love for mangoes this week. I'd eaten them while vacationing in Cancun a few years ago but hadn't had them since to my knowledge. Oh my my! I was so delighted with this concoction. The Nettle tea wasn't the best but I will tolerate it for it's reputed health benefits.


Miso Chicken on Spring Mix Salad w/ Asparagus & Baked Sweet Potato

This was another homerun meal! I'd had Miso Soup while on my mission. One of my companions was half Japanese & Miso was a stable of her household. Miso is a wonderful, healthy, ingredient that pops with flavor. I'll probably eat it every single week from now on.


Dandelion Tea & Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Lime, Carrot Juice

This is the first time I'd ever bought a papaya. I'd had it in Mexico & remembered liking it but I'd never taken the time to buy one. I loved this juice. I even saved a little & froze it til it was good & slushy & delicous!!!


Pau d'Arco Tea & Strawberry, Raspberry, 2 Pear, 1 Apple smoothie

This wasn't a favorite despite the fact that I love every single thing that went into it. The texture was gritty due to the pear & I just didn't enjoy it. Maybe next time I'll put in less pear & more of everything else.


Adzuki Bean Casserole w/ Sweet Potatoes & Green Beans seared in olive oil with herbs

I really, really loved this one too! I'd never, ever had Adzuki beans which are a stable in Japanese homes. The casserole also includes onions, garlic, carrots, celery, & yellow squash. I'm making a salad with the remaining casserole for tomorrow's lunch.


Cucumber/Beet Salad w/ apple cider vinegar, alfalfa sprouts & sesame seeds along with a baked sweet potato

This is a dish that required the open mind I was talking about earlier. I'd never had steamed beets before. Honestly I can't remember ever eating a beet & as I mentioned earlier I despite cucumbers. Alfalfa sprouts aren't my favorite either. Yet this wasn't horrible. It was so/so but I consider it progress. I love sweet potatoes so that saved the day!


Cannellini Bean Soup & Avocado dip

I've eaten a lot of new foods this week. I am so proud of myself! I'd never had cannellini beans (also called white kidney beans) and I've never been a big fan of soup. I'm happy to report that it was awesome! I sauteed onion, garlic, & leek (another brand new food that I wasn't sure how to even slice) in olive oil & vegetable stock. Then I added the beans, simmered, & blended with a handheld blender. Even my mom wanted to try it because it smelled so good & tasted even better! The avocado dip was wonderful. It's just an avocado smashed up with lemon juice alongside black bean backed tortilla chips & veggies. I even stirred in some alfalfa sprouts!!


Nettle Tea & Ginger Zinger Juice made of 6 carrots, 1 cucumber, 1 stick of celery, & 1 inch fresh ginger

OK so like I said earlier I despise cucumbers. I'm also not a fan of raw celery. Still this juice was pretty good. I drank the whole thing & my body loved me for it. I didn't love it as much as the Mango or Papaya smoothies but I know I'll have it again. This was the very first time I'd ever drank vegetable juice as an adult.


Fruit salad with apples, pears, & apricots

An easy & fabulous salad. I had to use canned apricots because their not in season but it was still a good salad & a great way to start the morning. I followed it up with oats.

I've tried so many new things this week. Lots of herbal teas & exotic fruits & beans & veggies of all sorts. It's been a great adventure & I'm looking forward to more new things as the days goes by. All of the recipes so far have come from Dr. Gillian McKeith's cookbooks. I highly recommend them. My tastes are changing & I'm really excited about that. An open mind has been a requirement but I'm so pleased that I've enjoyed nearly everything I've tried including the stuff I absolutely hated before now. I'm having a lot of fun with this!

Exercise is all about protecting my fragile ankle. Lots of balance work. At home I play with the dogs & walk & clean house. That's enough for now. I'm confident that taking it slow is what my body needs. I'm so grateful to be off crutches. I'm plan to stay off of them. At least that's what I pray for on a daily basis. :)


lizS said...

okay, i have some questions;
what is nettle tea? i don't think i've ever heard of it. why is it good for you?
and what happened to your ankle?! i'm having similar problems with my recently broken leg. it broke near the ankle, and it's all weak right now, and i've got to start doing some strengthening and balancing exercises to help balance my body out. (as soon as i kick my recent nasty cold) what are you doing? maybe we could swap exercises, lol!

anyway, this is totally going in the side bar too, with all the other recipies. keep 'em comin' dana! john and i are going to try to get uber healthy as soon as i'm a little better too. we're both sick of me being sick, and with my heart condition now, this has become a mucho big priority! glad to have you back! you add so much to our little group! :D

timpani76 said...

Those smoothies look so good!

Renae said...

What did you do to your ankle? Whatever it was, it sounds stinky. Feel better soon! That food looks really good! I ate way too much junk yesterday!

Renae said...

BTW, I'm glad you're back!