Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Firstly, again, I would like to give major kudos to Timpani for being freaking awesome.  Also, I'm so sorry about your mom, how is she doing now?

I am not doing well.  At all.  Stress from all sides (except my husband who is my rock and one of the few reasons I can count on one hand that I am still sane), and sleep deprivation are causing me to over eat, and to not handle anything well.  Bi-polar, PTSD, you name it.  Falling apart a little at a time over here.

I will not stand for it.  It's time to get my life back.  It's time to unleash the LIZ!!

This week, of course, is insane.  Christmas parties, last minute shopping (which means all of it since Jonni than I was sick last week and week before), baking and the rest are taking up almost every minute until The Big Day.  So, I'm taking small victories as they come.  Today, my eating didn't totally suck.  So far.  I took the dog for a very brisk, 30 minute walk.

I'm not sure what I can accomplish tomorrow in terms of working out.  I have more (and my last chance) of Christmas shopping in the morning, and then parties in the afternoon, and finishing off with VT that evening.  So, I will focus on my eating.  I will try not to make any mistakes tomorrow, but have a perfect eating day.  I will take an exercise opportunity if one arises, but I'm not going to plan anything because I can't see where I would fit it in.

This is the start of being me again.  This is my turning point.  I will forgive myself if I'm not perfect, but BY GOLLY I'm going to do freaking better.

The Almighty Liz

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timpani76 said...

I think you should print this out and read it daily. Daily affirmations, with the Almighty Liz.