Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Biking 1 hour

I'm an idiot who did not realize I bought a 21 SPEED bike. I only saw the 7 speeds on the right, I did not notice the dial on the left (with three notches). Ha ha, yeah. I did really FAST on the way back when I turned it to the second notch. More tension, but my legs handled it really well. Here's how much faster I went: the way there, 35 minutes, and then I turned around. The way back- 20 minutes! So, almost twice as fast with the bike turned to a higher tension notch. I then biked around for another 5 minutes to get my whole hour. My mom, who watched S while I biked, and I looked over the bike and figured out from some scrapings along the right side that it has been in an accident too. My bike has some history ;)

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lizS said...

lol!! yeah, you can really cook if your legs can handle those three levels of tension. john can go BLAZIN' fast. i'm sure renae can too, those severs are just naturally Talented with the bikes. :D