Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Running 1 hour 20 minutes (while pushing the jogging stroller)

I went exploring at "The Gardens" at SIUE. It only took me about 7 minutes to go around the gardens (with the jogging stroller), but it hooks up with a paved biking trail that I went down too. I explored a gravel bike trail, and a grassy cross country trail off the paved trail as well. I also scoped out some single file dirt trails I will explore on Saturday for my trail run. S was so good in the jogging stroller today so I could get my long run! AND, that was her second run in the jogger this week, when she usually only gets one a week, so I was doubly impressed with her being good the whole time. 

ETA- I also went back with the older kids later in the day and walked around for two hours (at toddler pace).

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lizS said...

that sounds so fun! and yay for sorcha being good, woot!