Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Trail Running 50 minutes

It was an unexpected surprise to be able to trail run during the week since Big E was sick today. I got to put S down for a nap and then go running! I explored more single file trail over by the watershed nature center. I had to run on the paved part (where I usually push the jogging stroller) for a little while, but I mostly stuck to the dirt trails. I sprinted for this one part of it because I kept hearing the patter patter of ticks falling from the trees. I was trying to run away from that area as fast as possible. I guess the bugs have woken up for the year ;)

Also- went shopping for 1 hour, vacuumed for 15 minutes, and continued to organize closets and drawers for another hour.

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lizS said...

RAWR! you are an ANIMAL! (and ick, ticks--the only bug i am actively afraid of!! other than grasshoppers and crickets. *shudder*)