Monday, June 17, 2013

Massive Update

Firstly, kudos to Timpani!  Girl, you are doing so great!!
And I see you Erik!  Good job to you too!
Okay, business.
I went to Tracey's in Ohio for a few days, and I did get some workouts in while I was there.  John and I went for a 2-2.5 mile run.  Then, Tracey had to fill in for a friend who is a Zumba instructor, so we went to a studio to get all prepped for her class.  We did Zumba for THREE HOURS.  Then an hour and a half later we went and did her hour class!!  That's four hours of Zumba in one day!  I pulled a hammy, which sucked. 
After John and I got home, we went for a run, but because of the hammy, I was only able to do a mile, tops, and we walked the rest of the way home. 
The next day, we got the kids back, and Jonni had the stomach flu.  She was sick for two-ish days, and I nursed my hamstring.  Two days after she got well, I got sick, and was sick for four days.  It was two days before I felt up to doing anything, and then it was Thursday and I had the race on Saturday!  So I went and ran 3 miles to see if I could do it, and I did!  I walked one and a half minutes, not all together, but I did it!  Which really wasn't the smartest thing to do because I sure was feeling it race day! 
And then of course, on Saturday I ran my first race ever!  It felt really good to finish that race.  Unbelievable.  You know, mentally.  Lol!  I was fine physically after a minute.  When you think about where I was five years ago, finishing this race really was unbelievable.  And to do TWO 5k's in one week?  What should I do next?  The answer?  ANYTHING I WANT!!  BOOYAH!
 This was before the race when I was still somewhat perky. ;)
And right when I finished.  Somewhat less perky than before.  Lol!

The Almighty Liz

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lizS said...

oh, and i weighed in this morning at about 136. I was up to 138-9, but the stomach flu knocked that down a bit, lol! now i need to keep that momentum going and lose 5-10 more. so the new clothes i bought when i lost all the wieght will fit again. :P