Friday, February 7, 2014

Crazy Week

This week has been a week of minor injuries.  I'm fine now, but I had to nurse a couple of things for a couple of days.  I fell down the stairs.  I twisted my knee (a little), slightly stretched a muscle in my back, and wrenched my shoulder pretty good.
However, only little things, so I was feeling good by yesterday.  I went to Zumba!  She had to cancel class on Tuesday due to weather, so she had a special 2 HOUR class yesterday!  It was awesome and felt great.  I slept really hard this morning, completely missing getting the kids ready for school (John did it and let me sleep because he's a-m-a-z-i-n-g).  Knee only twinged a bit, back is fine, and shoulder is sore.  Overall, totally okay.
Weighed in Monday by myself, and yesterday at Zumba, and have lost 2.2 lbs!  So far, that's 7 since the beginning of January.  :D
Also this week, I had a cardiologist appt that went really well!  No increase in scar tissue, very little leakage and overall the heart looks good.  My doc didn't like that I had gained weight, but I told him I had already lost some, so he's confident that I have it under control.  He also wants me to go from working out 1-2x a week to at least 3, and he'd be happier with 4-5.  So I'll make those necessary changes.  I brought him pics of me at the finish line of a 5k and the triathlon, and he LOVED that!  :D  It was overall a good check up.
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Your wrap ups always blow my mind with all the stuff! I still want to try Zumba. I also need to try something that will get me out of the house once a week so I might see what the YMCA has to offer. Also- didn't the doctor visit go much better than you thought it would? It sounds like you are on track. Keep it up lady!

lizS said...

if you have a membership to the Y, a lot of times the zumba classes they offer are free. and if you aren't a member, most zumba classes are $5-7ish, even if you don't want to do the Y, you can find a class almost anywhere. and oftentimes, they will have a punchcard kind of deal that will save you money. go to! zumba is AWESOME! and yeah, the cardio appt went a lot better than i thought it would. i should have known, my doc is such a cheerleader and has never made me feel any less than I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD! lol!