Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I did twenty minutes of dance video workouts. Aye carumba! That's a bit different from twenty minutes of biking, lol! I'm exhausted!
The Almighty Liz
PS and my hip isn't hurting! That means I can start doing some light impact stuff again! Hooray for being able to take walks again!


timpani76 said...

Yay for Spring walks! I agree that dancing is a tough workout, and it uses all sorts of different muscles, so I'm sure you'll be good and sore tomorrow!

lizS said...

um. what are you doing here?! didn't you just GIVE BIRTH?!! i KNEW it would be next to no time before you came back, lol! you just can't get enough. i know it, you adore me, lol!!

lizS said...

unless...ah, i see the time signature now, you posted the day before yesterday. it didnt' show up till now, two days later. stupid blogger!!