Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is it only Tuesday?

Dang! I feel like I've lived a whole week in just a day or two. I got up early yesterday and rode the indoor bike for 40 minutes. BLAH! Then I went to the Science Center with SEVEN children and only one other adult (my great friend Amy. I love her!) That doesn't really count as a work out, except maybe mentally. Then I came home and collapsed on my bed for a while, got up and worked on my stinking ceiling in my kitchen (I'm texturizing it). Then I walked to Mark's ball game corralled kids there, and walked back. Total walkage 5 miles. Today I got up at 5:00 with the intention to run, but instead I fiddled with my new mp3 player for about an hour and a half, creating playlists and the like. Then I got Lydia up and ran one mile with her. I've been working on my stinking ceiling for a couple of hours and I'm nearly finished with the texturizing part, but I am TIRED! I've got so much stinking home improvement things to do, it will not ever get done for probably literally 5 years.


timpani76 said...

Home improvement is so tiring! Kick it's chicken!

craftyashley said...

Seven kids IS a workout. Totally counts.