Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Walking 45 minutes with the kids

Walked 20 minutes to Shop N Save, 25 minutes of shopping, plus 25 more minutes walking home.

This was our trial run with our new double stroller. Thanks Liz it works great!!!!
The way home the stroller was very heavy with groceries. I did find out I can carry $70 worth of groceries, plus one older kid at a time, plus Sorsha in the double stroller. I was carrying Sorsha in the baby carrier most of the walk though, while the older kids alternated getting in the stroller. Sorsha seemed to prefer the carrier, and I don't mind burning some more calories.

Plus, I worked on my lawn mower for 2 hours trying to get the blade off so I can sharpen it. I will have to wait until Thursday to finish this job (with supervision from my stepfather), but hopefully I will have learned a new skill as well ;)

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lizS said...

yay, i'm glad it works for you! and AWESOME workout!!