Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Swimming 30 minutes

10 minutes breast stroke, 10 minutes free style, 10 minutes back stroke. I was going to do 5 minutes kick board, but I forgot the kick board, and was too pooped to get out of the pool to get one and then come back. I'm not sore, but I am so tired!

Also, some housework and more strawberry picking, about an hour total.


lizS said...

yay for swimming success!! our pool is open now, all i have to do is get passes, and i can start swimming again! i have a bike, and a pool! what more does a girl need? lol!

Renae said...

Running shoes, and a good sports bra.

Good job Timpani. I'm glad that you are able to be getting back to it all!

lizS said...

LOL, renae!!