Thursday, November 5, 2009


I practiced choir music a lot. It was at least two hours worth, maybe three. I need to quit and do some things around the house for my family. There is so much music to learn! I feel like I could practice all day. Sunday's practice approacheth. Will I be ready? YES! (I hope.) At least it won't be for lack of effort on my part. I will have justly earned some Heavenly Help.

"Why am I posting piano stuff here?" you ask. (That is if you missed the earlier explanation.) It's like this: This is the place where we keep tabs on each other, and have someone to report to. Plus pianists are small muscle athletes. Harlan says so. It might be a stretch of "SVELTE," but you'll have to get over it.

I ate too much junk, and I want to puke.

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lizS said...

first, no puking!!
second, i know it's hard work to play the piano. although i am nowhere near as good as you, renae, i do tinker, and oi! plus, if it's not hard work, why are all concert pianists drenched in sweat when they get done with a performance? i thought it made total sense the you were posting your practising on here. does that make me wierd? well, I don't think so....;P