Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Pregnancy Yoga 45 minutes

Plus, I've been cleaning off and on all day today.

I tried
ZenMama with Rainbeau Mars: Prenatal Yoga Workout- Not bad. I liked it better than some other because it was longer and felt like more of a "workout". The lady was more annoying than Crunch Yoga Mama's lady, so I think that one is still my favorite. This one had table, down dog, a couple standing postures, plus some difficult back bends which I still enjoyed. My back feels better and I love the relaxed feeling I get from these prenatal yoga DVDs. Now, if only I could take a nap ;)


Renae said...

You like it because the lady is more annoying than on the other video? ;)

Glad you're finding things that you like to do!

timpani76 said...

I like the other video because that lady is less annoying. Zenmama is a little more "granola, touchy feely, blah blah blah" than crunch yoga mama. Although, I have never done a Yoga DVD where they did not add "something" that made me roll my eyes or want to throw up just a little ;)