Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Swimming 1 Hour

Good swim!-- 15 minutes breast stroke, 20 minutes back, 20 minutes freestyle, 5 minutes kick board.

I also cleaned out my dirty old car for about an hour and did laundry off and on all day.

I did not mean to take a whole other week off for this nuisance of a sinus infection! The second round of antibiotics really kicked my butt AND I hurt my foot, so I was benched. I'm revving to go now though! (send happy thoughts my way that this second round of antibiotics really got rid of this stupid infection!).

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lizS said...

i have never had a sinus infection but my dad and sister get them all the time, and i have no desire whatsoever to get one EVER! they look miserable, so i'll definitely be sending good vibes your way! glad you are feeling better!