Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm back... :)

Nettle Tea
Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple Fruit Salad
Oatmeal with honey
Lunch & Dinner:
Spring Mix/Spinach Salad with chicken, goat cheese, peppers, & dill

I got really lazy today & just didn't feel like fixing anything else. :)

Snow Peas
Pumpkin Seeds
Millet & Flax Bread with natural peanut butter

Hi ya'll! For the past several months I've been on numerous rounds of steroids. That along with a lousy internet connection kept me from posting. Now I'm steroid free & I once again feel like taking the time to prepare my own food. I'm also happy to have my doctor's go-ahead to resume exercise with a few provisions. I have to start going to physical therapy to rehab my poor ankle, however, the therapy prescription goes further. I'll actually be under a physical therapist's supervision until I reach the body mass index considered healthy for my height. I didn't even know that physical therapists did that but apparently they do. Naturally I thought of all my Svelte girls & wanted to add blogging to my regime. :)


timpani76 said...

Good for you and welcome back!

That food looks so nummy! I've been craving fruit since I got pregnant ;)

lizS said...

welcome back dana, we missed you!! and dang, it must be really cool to have your own personal trainer/physical therapist.

Dana Cheryl said...

Thanks for the welcome home. :)

I love having a life again. The pt is a definite perk.

The fruit is awesome!!! Aldi is the place for fruit btw. Mangoes for eighty-nine cents!!