Thursday, May 27, 2010


I guess it's my turn to feel lonely? I ran about 6 miles by myself this morning. The heat is starting to be a problem, it's not bad at 6:30 yet. I am worried about how I'll do on Monday's race. It doesn't start till 9:00, and if the weather stays like it's been, I'm in for a rough run.


lizS said...

i've been lurking, renae, sorry! i'm here! i just haven't worked out because aunty flow finally showed up in force, and it's a doozy of a period, and i feel like c-r-a-p. but you are doing AWESOME! especially in this heat! keep it up girl!

timpani76 said...

Sorry! I am unbelievably tired this week with Sorsha keeping me up till 1am most night this week. Good job with all the walking and the running!

I hope your run goes well on Monday!