Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Weeding & Picking up Sticks 45 minutes

I wanted to start walking this weekend, but I completely over did it trying to fix a TINY leak in my upstairs bathroom water supply line. Yeah, two nights on the floor and I could barely walk on Sunday (and I still had to call my friend Mark to fix the stupid leak!). I was still recovering on Monday, so no yard work.

I will try to have my first short walk later this week.


craftyashley said...

I love how most of your entries include weeding. You midwesterners- you're hilarious. How do you not get along without sprinkler systems! Crazy! Sounds like a great workout, though!

timpani76 said...

Yeah, our "sprinkler system" is the constant rain we get around here. I rarely need to get out the hose. Unfortunately, the weeds like the constant rain as well!