Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Catching Up

Okay, so, as everyone knows, I got sick.  Like, way sick.  The middle of last week was the first time I felt anything like normal, so that blows.  Set me back big time when I can't afford setbacks, so I'll just have to hit it super hard from here on out. 
So, as I was thinking, dang, I haven't been working out nearly often enough!, it occurred to me that I actually have been getting little workouts in everyday.  I've been walking my dog, lol!  I do it most days, sometimes John does it.  When I walk him it's between 15-30 minutes. 
Last Wednesday I did 15 minutes bike/elliptical.  That was my first back-from-sick workout, and it SUCKED.
Thursday I went to Zumba for an hour.  I did just fine there, but everyone was back from vacation and working out for the first time, including the instructor, so it was pretty light, for Zumba.
Friday I walked the dog very briskly for 30 minutes.
(I'm not going to put down every time I walk Bronx, just the times that were good workouts for me, instead of just kind of...easy workouts)
Yesterday, Monday, I did 20 minutes bike/elliptical.
Today I did 20 minutes of running.  I'm not sure how far I went, and I did about 50% of it walking.  I tried to figure it out on google maps, and if I got it close, it was about 1 1/3 miles, so that's not bad, considering the ground I lost while I was sick! 
Weight-wise, I still have about 3ish lbs to lose of holiday weight.  Which sucks because that last little bit is always the hardest to get off.  *le sigh*  Nothing for it but to work my bootie off!  (pun intended, lol!)
The Almighty Liz

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