Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So Far This Week

I forgot to post the past couple of days!  Whoops!
Monday was just a weigh-in, and I didn't gain, but I didn't lose either.  Still at 129.  I also saw my cardiologist that day, and he is Very Pleased with me.  He told me that if all of his patients did exactly what he told them to do, he'd be out of business, and a super happy retiree!  Lol!  He's excited about my doing the triathlon, and wanted to know all about that.  My blood pressure is great, and my heart rate is actually down, which is also fabulous.  It was a great visit!  I love making him happy because he's super cute when you make his day.  ;)
Yesterday I did my 1.5 loop run, and this time I did freaking awesome!  I hardly walked at all!  I estimate that I did about 4/5 run and 1/5 walk.  I also did it in 20 minutes!  As soon as I can run the whole thing, I'll start adding distance which will add time.  I really like my cardio workouts to be at least 30 minutes.  Maybe I can ride my exercise bike for ten minutes after I get home or something.
Today I did my machine for 30 minutes, and I'm doing a lot better on that too.  I could have pushed it to more time, but my legs are uber sore from yesterday.  I can definitely tell that I need to work on my bike skills.  Totally different set of muscles that need a lot more working out. 
On the up side, dude, I'm getting muscle tone in my legs!  My calves have been pretty awesome for several months (dancing will do that), but I noticed that my thighs are a lot more toned and my bootie is less saggy.  Score! 
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

A good cardiologist report is awesome! I would think he would be the best judge of how much progress you were making as well.

Running is great for toning your thighs and rear end ;)

lizS said...

i know, that appt was such a boost for me. i also forgot to mention that when he listened to my ticker he didn't even HEAR my heart murmur! how cool is that?!