Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday and Tuesday

I forgot to post yesterday!  Well, it was more of a busy busy busy day and ran out of time/forgot kind of thing.
So, weigh-in, no gain, no loss.  I might need to shave off a couple of Weight Watchers points here.  Hrm.
I did the machine yesterday (and yes, that's the elliptical/bike hybrid that I have, and lately I've been doing 5min bike, 5min elliptical cycles) for 60 minutes.  I upped the tension, and honestly, I could have gone more, but I had things to do!
Today, it was raining, so I did the machine again, for 70 minutes this time.  It was actually longer because I forgot to hit start on one of those five minute intervals.  Whoops!
So, here's what I'm thinking.  I do like having those long workouts.  The extra points for eating is nice, and it's also good for my stamina.  But I don't always have time.  So, sometimes I'm going to keep the tension where it is now, or later as I get better, up wherever it needs to be, and other times I'm going to skyrocket the tension and get a good hard resistance workout in.
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

If you're upping your protein, expect to put on some muscle weight or break even at least! You need those muscles to be a good runner though. Ha ha, "THE MACHINE" makes me think of the torture device from The Princess Bride ;)

lizS said...

you're right, about the muscle and the protein. i just have a little extra around the middle right now that doesn't belong there, and so i know i need to lose a little bit. not a lot though, because i'm for sure putting on muscle! i saw myself in the mirror at swim class on wednesday, and my thighs don't jiggle! they are in fact toned!!
and lol! that's exactly why i call it the machine!! because it's my torture device! ;)