Friday, June 13, 2014


So, it has not been a good time for Liz.  My toe has been broken for going on 18 weeks, and just. Will. Not. Heal.  We're at about 75% at this time.  I just saw my podiatrist on Monday.
That means I have been sitting on my rear for almost 18 weeks.  I haven't even been able to drive because it's on my right foot.  All that tone and muscle I worked so hard to get?  All that endurance that was painstakingly built?  All of the physical health that was painfully gathered over years of work?  Gone.  We are back at zero once again and I AM ANGRY.
My foot doc says though that part that IS healed is very strong and in no danger of re-breaking.  I can now slowly start to crawl my way back to normal activity, which for me means all my working out!  I can start with walking for a couple of weeks, then maybe biking, ect ect.  Very slowly because we are still not fully healed.  If I'm not any farther forward in two months, or I can't tolerate shoes (there is quite a bit of deviation with this one, it sticks out a lot), then surgery is then the only option.
That being the situation, and having much much much to do (and ado!) with the upcoming Trent and Evonne wedding and receptions, I have been doing my walking while shopping.  Yesterday it was a dress for me and a bridesmaid dress for Jonni.  Lots of walking in the mall.  Maybe a bit too much, as I have swollen sausage foot today.  So, I was going to do decorating shopping, but now I'm instead going to put the foot up to get the swelling and pain to go away.  But at least I can do some walking, and!, the all important driving.  (Mobility!  Yes!)  Also, I think I can get enough flexion in my foot to do some swimming.  (even though I'm feeling very self conscious about being in a suit, and about doing laps under the eyes of those oh so hot lifeguards having lost as much ground as I have.  Can you say gasping, struggling-to-finish-one-length, awful technique, all around terrible swimmer, folks?  Yep.  That will be me.)
And a huge apology to Timpani for not reading this blog much at all.  I've been hugely depressed at the amount of limitation I've had, and even thinking about this blog sent me into black dispair.  I'm determined to pull myself up by my boot straps though, so I will start looking on you as the inspiration you are from now on.  :)
The Determined to be Almighty Once Again Liz

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timpani76 said...

Has it been 18 weeks? It probably feels a lot longer you.

It's ok Liz. You don't need to worry about me. You just get better.