Thursday, June 19, 2014


Yesterday was more walking and shopping, this time for kids' wedding clothes.  (Btw, JcPenny's is THE place for little boy Sunday clothes.  A little pricey, but the quality!  The selection!  Also, in case you wanted to know, Kohl's is having an outrageously good sale on little girl dresses right now.  Some of the cutest dresses for like $12.)  Then I did more walking when I was volunteer for Erik's cub scout camp yesterday.  Today, I have big time sausage toe/foot, and it hurts.  And I have so much more I need to do!  Ugh, I'm sick of shopping.  And I love shopping!  So that tells you something right there.
The Almighty Liz

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timpani76 said...

You are moving and that's what counts. I like Penney's and Sears for sales on kid's dress clothes. Kohl's is kind of hit or miss for me :P