Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Keepin' On

Last week after the Great Dress Hunt, and walking all over the mall on Thursday, I did a repeat with the Great Suit Hunt for John on Friday.  It wasn't as bad though, being much easier to find a black suit than a specific color dress in Jonni's size.  However, that was more walking around the mall, and by Saturday I was in agony.  So I stayed off the blasted foot for the most part on Saturday, (we did go to the pool), and altogether on Sunday.  Did a tiny bit of walking around Jonni's swim meet yesterday, and I'm sore again today.  I will probably do a little walking at, say, the grocery store, but nothing more than that today.
The Almighty Liz

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lizS said...

oh, and just in case i'm not discouraged enough, i've been trying to get my weight down a little for the wedding, and so have been doing weight watchers, and while i lost a couple of pounds at first, i've gained 4-5 in the past couple of weeks. for no apparent reason. too stressed out right now i think. so i'll deal with that AFTER the receptions are over. :P