Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Walking/Running and then Yoga (1 hour 5 minutes total)

I only ran 1/2 mile. I was not going to run anymore due to sciatica/pelvic pain, but I changed my mind. I found some simple exercises that are supposed to help re-align your pelvis, and I hope those help. Hopefully, once or twice a week for a little energy will be ok. I then walked 1 1/2 miles for 35 minutes total.

30 minutes of Crunch Yoga Mama (I reviewed it a few months ago, and re-ordered it from the library). Wow, Yoga is getting way harder now that I am big!


Renae said...

Do tell. I need my pelvis realigned. I think that's what is causing my hip problems.

timpani76 said...

Here's one of the exercises my physical therapist taught me -

Lie on the ground with a ball (basketball size) or a thick pillow between your knees and work on squeezing the ball slowly while counting to 10. It will be painful at first, but as you keep doing it, the pain will go away. Do as many reps as will make the pain go away.

Next, have your DH hold you knees closed while youtry to slowly pull them apart, while counting to 10. Do these also until the pain goes away.

Basically, these help get your pubic symphasis back together. I had my hips out of alignment too - in 3 different places, so I feel your pain! I would definitely recommend doing these every day to keep your hips in the right position. Unfortunately, a chiro only puts them back that one time, and you have to keep paying to go back and have him do it again. The phys therapists teach you the exercises to do at home to keep your bones still in place.

timpani76 said...

Ok, not MY physical therapist, just copied this from a discussion board- so this is someone else "talking".

lizS said...

i've also found an inversion table to be heavenly. it's on of those things that flips you upside down while holding onto your ankles. i borrowed one from a friend, and i'm not sure i'm giving it back. ever. ;P