Thursday, January 21, 2010

Strength Training and a Little Cardio--20 min.

Okay, I have an itsy bitsy cough. Other than that, I'm totally fine, but cardio makes me hack like a smoker, so I've avoided it this week. However, since I do feel fine in all other aspects, I can't just sit around getting fat and letting my heart and the rest of my body rot, so I did some other stuff today, really focusing the most on my legs, since I need to balance them, and the one is beyond weak. What's the best way to strengthen bones Renae? Weight training, lol! I don't want another broken leg anytime soon.
I ran up and down my stairs for two minutes, rested for three, and did another minute. How the *bleep* do you do that for forty frackin' minutes, Renae! Oi!
Then I did....calve lifts, I guess? When you hang your heels off of a step and roll up on the balls of your feet? I did 15 of those for three sets.
I did my thighs with our weight machine thingy downstairs. 12 reps at 21.1 lbs for three sets.
I did 10 pushups on my stairs, almost like wall pushups, but with a little more incline, for a two sets.
I did 6 tricep pushups on my stairs for a set of two.
All of it took about twenty minutes.
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Good job getting stronger! What are tricep push ups?

Renae said...

strengthening bones? Actually high impact things like running are supposed to be great for your bones. All that banging impact stuff really makes them strong. It's true. That and calcium, that's all I know.

And the stair thing, just start out with walking up and down the stairs. Don't bother trying to run them right off. Walking up and down is a good workout too.

Good job though!

lizS said...

i was kidding with you renae, because you've told me lots that stronger muscles build stronger bones. and i don't think the running the stairs thing was good for me. my doc said no impact at all, but i sort of forgot, and now my hip is killing me. i'm going to go get some good shoes tonight, also like he told me to, to minimize impact when i walk. the stairs really was a boneheaded thing to do.

timpani, tricep pushups is when you put your hands on a step, facing away from the step (i did the lowest step), and lower yourself till your tooshie almost reaches the floor, and lift back up. that's one. they're dang hard, but a great workout for your triceps. have fun with those if you try them! *liz laughs maniacally*