Friday, May 24, 2013

The Whole Week

I've been on my girly time all week, and have been very puny.  So not much to report, but some.
Monday weigh-in was Not Good.  138.  Some of that has Got To Go.
I did 1/2 of swim on Wednesday, 14ish laps.  She had me do flips again, and I actually did it twice without water up my nose!  I did it a total of, I dunno, four times?  And no panic attacks!  I cut things a little short by not swimming after the lesson because it was my last one and we went out for a victory dinner.  My instructor is awesome. :)
Yesterday I did an hour of Zumba.  I came home feeling naseated and dizzy.  I think maybe I didn't eat enough yesterday or something.
Not sure if I'm going to get a workout in today as we are leaving on vacation today!  The kids are going to grandma's for ten days, and John and I are going on a road trip!  I will be working out while I'm gone, and I'll post about it when I'm near a computer.  But that makes today problematical as I have Much To Do. 
Speaking of which....
The Almighty Liz

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timpani76 said...

Vacation without kids! I've got to do that someday. Have fun lady!!!!

(also, I've heard people tend to lose weight on vacations even though they are eating more)