Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's about time I dragged my lazy-no-account-good-for-nothing-carcass out of the door

Yeah, I've been lazy lately. I need to repent. I got up and ran with the group today. There were 5 fast groupers there today. However, they were doing a tempo run. This basically means that they run as fast as they can manage, and then a little faster just for the challenge of it. I tried to keep up, but I couldn't. They lost me within the first mile. Oh well! I'm glad that they didn't hang around for me though. I got to have the challenge of trying to keep up without having to worry that I was slowing them down. I kept them in sight for the first half of the run, and I averaged 7.3 mph (8 minute, 13 second miles) for the first 3 miles. The turn around point is at a big hill on State Street (by the library). You usually see the other groups around the top of the hill, one group coming up while the other is going down. I gave up running on my own at that point. I ran up the giant hill, ran for a little bit then ran back down, and then back up it with the next group. I finished off the run with an average of, well I don't know what really, because we did a cool down jog at the end for about another half mile, so that threw off my average. The whole thing ended up being 7 miles average speed 6.3 mph (9 minute 31 second miles).


timpani76 said...

Great run! You had some awesome time for those 3 miles!

lizS said...

yay renae! good run!