Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I did a lackluster 20 minutes of "ground and pound" Monday. I still have been stretching everyday though. Oh wait, I did some footwork also which brought it up to 30 minutes. Yippee!

At much insistence from the supportive super woman (AKA "The Wife"), I spent 30 minutes on the bike tonight. My butt went numb. Ouch. Cooled down w/ some knees and punching in place.

10 minutes w/my kids doing staff techniques tonight also. (Read the post.)

Kajukenbo class tomorrow.


lizS said...

good job erik! way to keep that steam engine running!

timpani76 said...

I don't remember "much insistence". I just said that since you had not worked out the day before, you HAD to work out that day ;)

Hoba Chi said...

Thanks Liz.

Pooh, methinks that the written word doth convey not the weighty measure that had thy words.