Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kajukenbo 9/17

Myself and the 2nd degree black belt inherited the class as our instructor (Sifu) lives an hour+ away from our little class. He's going to check on us once a month or so.

Tonight we did-
push-ups (Sibak Scorpion, that's the 2nd, loves those 'cause he is not 39 and chubby.)
basics- punches, kicks, elbows and knees
jujitsu sit-ups (See above comment re: Sibak Scorpion)
pad work- we simulated being surrounded w/your back to the wall and elbowing and kneeing out to escape
"opas"- Brazilian jiujitsu bridge escapes
more push-ups


Hoba Chi said...

Keep up the good work Honey!!!

Hoba Chi said...

Ha ha ha, you just congratulated yourself! Not really, this is Timpani ;)