Monday, September 21, 2009

She's baaacccckkkk....

Hello all. It has been way too long sense my last post. I had the flu for a couple of weeks and then it has taken me a couple of more to get off my rear again.

My husband and I ordered a set of boot camp style DVDs called the P90X. It looks really tough but I am looking forward to exercising with Bryan. He is mean but I need someone pushing me. Although the exercises seem to be geared more toward men, there are modifications that can be made so I can get lean, not big.

We have to wait a week or so to start because his mom is going to be visiting with us. Until then I am going to walk everyday just so I will not be a total blob when we start this.

I walked 1.5 miles today.

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timpani76 said...

Yay! Way to come back to it!