Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Swimming 1 Hour (Note About Pregnancy Workouts)

I also did some light yard work for about an hour and cleaned out and vacuumed my car out (uh, 20 minutes?).

Swimming- 15 minutes breast stroke, 20 minutes back stroke, and 15 minutes freestyle (with a nice sprint at the end, 10 minutes cooling down with the kick board.

So, I looked up how long I can do crunches, and it's not the last trimester, in fact it's only until 4 months along that I'm supposed to do those. Upon learning of this, I decided to order a bunch of pregnancy pilates & pregnancy yoga DVD's from the library to try work on my "core" (new fancy exercise term for your abs). Hopefully, these exercises will help me keep the whole tummy and back strong to avoid that horrible pregnancy back ache from debilitating me like it did with Vance.

I will, of course, review all the DVD's that I end up doing when I post about doing them.

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Renae said...

I'm glad you checked into the whole "core" thing. I was a little concerned. Keep up the good work!