Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Morning

I got up to run with the group today. The majority of the fast group weren't there for some reason or another. Some still injured, some still recovering from the latest marathon maybe, some just running on a different schedule; I don't know. Greg was there (who I've been running with the past week), and a gal I've never met before named Christine (she evidently started coming during my maternity and summer leave, and since the fast group doesn't always start with the rest of us, I've never seen her before, but everyone else seemed to know her) anyway Christine is fast. I ran with the two of them for 2 1/2 ish miles at about 7.4 mph (that's a low 8 minute mile). After that I couldn't hang on anymore and began to lag behind. I sent them on their way at the turn around and ran back with the next group back. Over all was 6 miles at about 6.5 mph (a low 9 minute mile average).

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timpani76 said...

That's good that you pushed yourself for two miles, and ran faster than average overall too right?