Monday, November 11, 2013

Long Overdue Update

Firstly, Timpani, you.  Are.  AWESOME.  20 lbs weights for JM?!  50 min. swims?!  Girl, you are on FIRE!!!  Great work, I cannot wait to see you when we are all well (how are you doing, by the way?  Are you feeling better?  What about the kids?), because I bet you are Svelte. ;)

So, I know I haven't been posting.  I've been in a....funk?  I've had a lot on my plate (emotionally), and a lot of stress.  I have been working out in fits and starts, but not like I was.  So, turning over a new page, and I am going to hit the workouts like they've never been hit before!  (or, at least the way I was hitting before, lol!)
I am going to start posting a little differently though, to deal with some new problems, like diet.
I have been doing some research, and as it turns out, eating disorders are connected.  If you have suffered with one then you are susceptible to others.  Anorexia and over eating are particularly linked.  Say you suffered from anorexia, and then got a handle on it.  Say you had no problems for years.  Then enter some new, overwhelming stress in your life.  Since you know all the ways to control the anorexia, you then turn to another kind of way to control your eating.  People with anorexia most often turn to over eating.  This is my problem, I think.  I've been binge eating.  That is to say, I eat a whole freaking lot when people aren't here.  So.  I am going to start recording points here on Svelte at the end of the day.  Maybe even throughout the day, especially at first.  Hold myself accountable.  This will also force me to be open with John about it, and you, Timpani, can call me on it if I don't post.  Three way checks, see?
The other problem I'm having is motivation.  Mainly, I think, I've sunken into the depression part of my cycle.  So, I am, at the beginning of the day, going to post what I want to do that day for a workout, and then post at the end of the day how I did.  Again, with the accountability.  I understand that I'm not going to succeed everyday, nor do I think that I will succeed at a goal of working out 6 days a week.  But, if I wake up in the morning and force myself to make a workout goal for the day, and actually record it, I will be more likely to do it.  That's my plan anyway.  We'll see how it goes, and adjust as needed.

I am also going to be setting other, mother-y/household-y/wifely type of goals as well.

I have gained some weight.  I am at around 140.  None of my clothes fit.  I gave all my fat clothes away, so I had to go out and buy new ones.  Of course, when I was at my heaviest, those clothes were way fatter.  I had really big clothes, and really little clothes, and no in between clothes.  So, the new ones are in between ones, and I was super picky.  They'll all look good when I meet my new weight loss goal.  Which is to get to 130, and see how I feel from there.  Because I know I've gained muscle, so 125 might not be a healthy goal anymore.  However, if I'm still not fitting my skinny clothes, then I'll know I need to lose a little more.  I want to have lost 10 lbs by the new year.  I think I'm going to make a widget to the side so I can see my goal everyday.

So, like I said, I haven't completely stopped working out.  I have been doing Zumba.  I have done the machine a couple of times, JM a couple of times, ran a couple of times.  But I need to do way better than that.  Just because I met my goal of doing the Triathlon doesn't mean my reasons for working out have changed.  I need to keep my heart healthy if I don't want valve replacement therapy and if I don't want to die young.  I think I may add a mission statement widget to the side as well.  What do you think our mission statement should be Timpani, you who are better at words than I?

Today, I am going to fold laundry.  I am also going to take the dog for at least a 45 min. very brisk walk.  I have other errands, so I don't know if I'll get a better workout in than that.  However, since I have been in my down cycle, the dog has really suffered from lack of exercise, so he needs to be a priority as well.  So, today's workout will be that walk.  He needs to be a bit retrained on the walking thing before I can handle running him.  Which is why I'm not combining the two, and why I won't have time for both today.

I'll post the results of my day in the comments.  Here's to day 1 of a new beginning!

The Indomitable Liz


lizS said...

i didn't get my laundry done. i got into a couple of conversations with friends i hadn't talked to in awhile and it took up a bunch of my time. tomorrow is another day.
i did take bronx for a walk. and twisted my ankle. *sigh*
eating went...okayish. i was doing tolerably well until dinnertime, when i had to run out with jonni and get her a coat (her's from last year is too small and it's going to be coat weather for sure tomorrow), and we had to get some dinner. and my choice was not the healthiest. but i didn't do horribly, so that's something.
not too bad today.

lizS said...

it's too bad swimming is out for me, because i can't think of what else to do on tweaked ankle. running, out. machine, out. JM out. bike is out for multiple reasons. even walking bronx is not a good idea. ugh. injuries.

timpani76 said...

Ugh, stupid ankle! I hate injuries. I think JM recommends shadow boxing for those with lower body injuries? You could try that.