Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Running 3 miles (38 minutes)

I actually got up early to go running! Go me! I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to make it a habit to get up once a week on Tuesdays to go running. Incentive- it was so bright this morning! So much nicer than running in the dark after Big E gets home from work at night. Another incentive- I ask Erik to skip the 5am feeding, and just bring me the baby at 6am to nurse before I run. More "solid" sleep, even if I get an hour less overall. Still, only an hour less, and with daylight savings time, it was the same time I was getting up before anyway. These are the things I will keep telling myself to stay motivated. Plus, did I mention how nice and bright it was at 6:30? It was so awesome!

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lizS said...

early morning is john's very favorite time to run. i find it hard to do any kind of workout before i eat, and eating in the morning has never worked well for me, lol! but i can see the attraction. now you're all done for the day! no need to worry about when you're going to do it, because it's done. :D