Friday, March 26, 2010


Hey, that's FOUR of us in one day isn't it? WHOOT WHOOT!! Are we on a come back? I ran with my two buddies Barb and Debbie. We've become somewhat a threesome in the big group running thing (as I've said before, the big group -probably around 40ish people??- split off into smaller pace groups. Oh the joy of having people who run about the same pace as me!!) Anyway, Barb and Deb are both training for marathons -so is just about everyone else in the group except me because I just plain don't want to right now. ANYWAY! We ran eight miles and it felt really good! I wonder what made yesterday such a good day. We did the same run a week earlier, and it wasn't nearly so good.


timpani76 said...

Spring is the best time to get back into things. Maybe some more sveltites will show up soon.

Good run for you too!

lizS said...

i'm hoping more ladies (and guys too i guess) start popping up more as well. the more we have, the better this works! although, it does work well for the three of us too, apparentely. ;)