Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I did my work out late today, and I think I like it better in the morning. Anyway, 30 minutes on the bike at 13-14 mph for a total of 6.6 miles covered.
The Almighty Liz


timpani76 said...

Wow! Up to 30 minutes? That's new, right? (pregnancy brain not working, so can't remember).

lizS said...

yeah, it's new! i've been creeping up on it, and yesterday i did it without realizing it, lol! i wasn't paying attention to my time, (watching a movie), and the next thing i knew when i looked down (because i was tired and thinking it was close to twenty minutes now), i was at twenty-nine minutes! yay! so i went and finished out the thirty. we'll see if i can do that again today....lol!

Renae said...

Good for you!