Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Strength Workout/ Running in place 45 minutes

30 minutes strength, 15 minutes running in place.

Also- shopping with kids for 1 1/2 hours.


lizS said...

what do you do for strength training, may i ask? and good job! your consistancy is nothing short of amazing. :D

Renae said...

Shopping with kids is always a mental workout for me! It's always a big challenge for me not to kill my children.

timpani76 said...

Yes Renae- the shopping workout may have to be re-named "trying to not to kill my kids workout".

Liz- I use a 10 lb free weight for biceps, triceps, upper back, the back of my upper arms (not sure what that's called), my shoulders, and my chest (sometimes I skip the chest though). I usually do three sets of 10 on each muscle area.

I use 5 lb strap on weights for three muscle area leg exercises on the ground, and then I stand up to do calf raises (with the weights still on). Also three sets of ten for the laying down, and three sets of 20 for calf raises.

Abs-used to be 10 minutes on the ground, but is now just 5 minutes of standing ab work. Most of my standing ab work I got from a Billy Blanks kick boxing workout and my Denise Austin ab tape.