Thursday, March 25, 2010


So, the weather was so nice yesterday, and the kids weren't being monsters (for once), so we went for a walk at the nature preserve near our house. (like five minutes away, awesome!) My doc was right about the no impact thing--I can't handle it! My leg/hip is screaming at me today, so I will have to give it a month or more before I try that again. Which totally sucks! That preserve is so gorgeous what with all the spring flowers and the nature and all! Argh!
The Almighty Liz
P.S. I added my forum's weight loss thread over on the sidebar. I dunno if you can see it if you are guest, but joining is free and easy, and it's a GREAT thread so far. Lots of support, good and inspiring stories, and tons of new ideas. Enjoy!

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Renae said...

injuries are suckish! I hope it gets better soon! Points for trying.