Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crappy Week

This has been a Not Good Week.  Just mentally.  Part of my bi-polar cycle mainly.  Coupled with all the stress in my life currently, and it's just been blech.  Today was better.
I weighed in on Monday, didn't lose, didn't gain.  Yay for all the energy expended (and calories burned) at Six Flags!  I haven't spent less than four hours at a time at that place.  It adds up. :)
Today was my first day of workouts.  Like I said, stupid week.  I ran this morning, and it was AWFUL.  I only got about .8-ish miles before I totally pooped out and had to walk the rest of the way home.  Total suckage.  It took me at least 30 minutes to go 1.45 miles.  First run since I got sick, and first workout this week.  Before breakfast.  I think I can figure out why it was so horrible.  :P
A couple of hours later (and some food and lots of water) I walked the dog for at least half and hour.  Things were getting better.
Then after John got home from work we went swimming and I did laps for 45 minutes!  I did 1/4 mile!  THAT'S more like it!!  Now, I'm exhausted but happy, and STARVING.  Time for dinner!
The Almighty Liz

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