Monday, July 1, 2013

Starting the Week Off Right...Hopefully

Today was a stressful day.  Wait.  Let's rewind.
Yesterday was my birthday!  And it was a good day!
Okay, and then today some bad things happened that were stressful.  And for the first time in my life, I was like, "I want to go for a run and clear my head!"  I have gotten to the point where running is a good mental exercise for me!  Physically I still totally hate it, but apparently it's good for my mental well-being.  Whoda thunk it?
I did 3 miles today, too!  Without walking!  First time ever!  So that the first time doing three miles without walking, AND the longest I've ever run without walking!  Booyah, go me!
I'm so going to kill this triathlon, whether I run it on race day or not.
The Almighty Liz


lizS said...

oh, oh! and i ran it in 38 minutes, beating my previous pr by 2 minutes! :D

lizS said...

oh, and i weighed in at 136 this morning. i really need to improve my diet, but it just seems like such a small consideration right now. maybe over the winter.

timpani76 said...

Woohoo! Another running milestone! I think you're right and you should would worry more about getting healthy than your weight right now, especially since you are weight training to boot.