Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Swimming 30 minutes

This taking it easy stuff is bo-ring! I tried out swimming to see if it hurt my toe (really the whole upper and outer edge of my right foot). It seemed fine, no worse for the wear. It seems to be healing, so I think it's just a sprain? The whole upper right side of the foot is still one big bruise though :P

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lizS said...

how long has it been? a week? and it's still bruised. how easy do you bruise? for me, that would be definite break, but for someone who bruises easily, maybe not. i dunno. if it were me i would play it safe because a) if your wrong and it is broken than it could screw your toe up for good and b) if it's just a sprain if you start running on it too early you could end up breaking it after all. yay for swimming though! that's such a good workout. :)