Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Catching Up

Over the weekend, there was much eating out.  I had my friend Jess visiting, and we went out and showed her the town!  (she's not from St. Louis)  I did fairly well there with my eating.  Not awesome and perfect, but definitely in the realm of just fine.

Monday's eating was a step above that, although not perfect.  I didn't get any work outs in, it was my friend's last day.

Yesterday I did an hour of Zumba (Timpani, you should TOTALLY check it out because it IS fun!!!).  I also did perfect with my eating.  The $$ for the weight loss challenge is now over $1000.  *strangling noise*  I must win!!  I weighed in and lost 1.8 lbs!  (I'm calling that 2)  My hard work last week paid off!  I also signed up for a month of unlimited classes for Zumba, which means I can go as many as three times a week.  There is another Zumba instructor if I want to go more, but if I feel like I need more work outs, I think I should do Jillian, Pilates abs, or go for a run.
The Almighty Liz

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timpani76 said...

Oh man! I don't think I could ever enter a challenge like that. I hope you win lady! I skipped Jillian today because my body felt like it was falling apart.