Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Swimming 45 minutes

I was a little nervous today because this was my first time dropping the kids off at the drop in daycare at the YMCA. They do not start until the kids turn 1, and T just turned 1. Well, there were two ladies and one of the ladies laid into me because I did not have shoes for T! She said it was a safety issue or something. The other lady was much nicer and just said have him wear shoes next time. It totally threw me off, and it made me a nervous. But, that was the worst part. I decided that since I was paying a whole $1 per kid to have my kids watched while I swam that I should go for a mile of swimming. I only had 45 minutes to swim (because with changes of clothing I wanted to keep the entire thing under an hour). I managed to get that mile in though! IN 45 MINUTES NO LESS! Go me!

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lizS said...

you are the bomb diggity! look at you, swimming a mile at 45 min! that's freaking amazing! :D