Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thursday Running/Walking 45 minutes & Saturday Running/walking 35 minutes

Yep, I'm on vacation in the gorgeous city of Minneapolis. They have wonderful mild summers, but I probably would not want to be here for the winter ;)

Thursday running report: I ran 15 minutes, and walked 30 minutes. No idea how far I ran, I hope over 1 mile. Some hills.

Saturday running report: I ran 25 minutes at a much faster pace and I'm guessing I covered about 2 miles. I then walked 10 minutes to cool down. Lots of hills.

I also walked all over nature trails at a bird sanctuary and a bog preserve area for about 2 hours with two kids. Not aerobic because of a kids pace, but still pretty tiring.

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Renae said...

glad you're fitting in the running on vacation too. Good for you!